Covest (DTE 1 - 15 August 2020)

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The Garment, Named Covest


  • The garment, named Covest, is an intelligent product by NID Ahmedabad. It has an in-built mask, sensors to ensure social distancing, an attached thermometer and magic sanitization pockets. Covest runs on battery, which remains embedded in the garment and can be operated with the help of buttons that act as switches and seams that act as circuits. ″ Switch on the sensors when you are in a crowded place. It will create a 2-metre Laxman Rekha (safe boundary) around you and sound an alarm if someone invades that boundary.
  • To ensure that the mask, keys, gloves and even mobile phone remain free of germs, including viruses, the pockets are equipped with devices that emit ultraviolet light, at the wavelength of 260 nm that are known to have germicidal effect.
  • The device will start emitting the UV rays and sanitise all the products in just 30 seconds.
  • Many times people forget to carry their masks while stepping out, so the vest has a 4-layer mask built inside the collar.
  • A GROUP of researchers have discovered the first active leak of seabed methane in Antarctica, which holds a quarter of Earth՚s methane. The active methane seep was first spotted in 2011 and the researchers returned to site in 2016 to study the phenomenon.
  • Microbes that normally consume the potent greenhouse gas before it reaches the atmosphere had only arrived in small numbers after five years, allowing the gas to escape.

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