Covid Impact – GDP Loss: (DTE 1-15 September 2020) (Download PDF)

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Covid Impact – GDP Loss

Covid Impact - GDP Loss


  • Maharashtra will contribute 14 per cent of the country՚s total GDP loss, Goa will witness the maximum per capita loss of over ₹ 1,00, 000. In Delhi, the per capita loss will be close to ₹ 90,000.
  • Ethiopia, which introduced a lockdown at the same time as India, has already flattened the curve and achieved it at a much lower economic cost than that of India. The difference lies in the fact that Ethiopia ensured coherent response by maximizing coordination among public agencies at different levels.
  • According to WHO, before a region can relax restrictions or begin reopening, the test positivity rate from a comprehensive testing programme should be at or below 5 % for at least 14 days. While 18 states, including Uttar Pradesh, fall in this category, the testing rate remains far from satisfactory in most of them.
  • Maharashtra, Telangana, Bihar and West Bengal, the positivity rate is significantly high but tests per million are quite less. This indicates that in these states the peak is yet come with most states nowhere near peaking, the ₹ 38 lakh crore worth of state GDP contractions will increase the country՚s mortality rate more than covid-19 itself.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 24, 2020

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