Cube26 launches smart bulb to hit home automation market in India


About Cube26: Cube26 was founded by Saurav Kumar who is currently served as CEO of it. Cube26 works with multiple strategies for the mobile systems to help users to get the best out of their devices.

  • Cube26 has developed varied applications with usability for OEMs, helping them provide an unambiguous variation through refined mobile software.
  • It also developed applications like Blink to Capture and Quick Look provided OEMs with an individual power over their competitors while providing a unique user experience.

About launching of smart bulb:

  • Indian start - up Cube26 launched a smart bulb which can be controlled using a mobile phone application.
  • Its price is Rs. 1, 499 and its name is ‘IOTA Lite’ having the lifespan of 15, 000 hours and it also offers the choice of 16 million colours to the users.
  • It is rated at 7W and offers 500 lumens of brightness.
  • It is a network of inter - connected devices like smartphones, tablets, connected vehicles and applications and connects relevant information from huge amounts of data collected from these devices.
  • By using this bulb, street lights will automatically switch off when they sense no traffic on the roads and by which more power will be saved.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 6, 2015