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Inefficiency of civic agencies in keeping Delhi’s drains unclogged has left city in grip of mosquito menace with repellents failing to scare or kill them. These are Culex mosquitoes that don’t cause dengue or malaria.

Image of Culex Mosquitoes Harming Delhi

Image of Culex Mosquitoes Harming Delhi

Image of Culex Mosquitoes Harming Delhi

  • Current weather condition is conducive for mosquito breeding. But more importantly, drains are not cleaned properly in many places, thus providing them perfect breeding ground.

  • Culex breeds in dirty, stagnant water unlike Aedes aegypti mosquitoes — which transmit dengue & chikungunya — that breed in fresh, stagnant water.

  • Indian Council of Medical Research’s Institute of Malaria Research, said anti-larval sprays often prove less effective to kill mosquitoes breeding in the drains.

Harms from Culex Mosquitoes

  • Culex is vector for group of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. This includes filariasis & encephalitis that have low prevalence in capital.

  • Culex is nuisance. It bites persistently causing pain & itching. Over years, they have become immune to most repellents. Nothing works on them anymore.

Getting Rid of Culex Mosquitoes

  • Fogging is temporary intervention. Civic agencies need to close source, which is blocked drains.

  • Once mercury rises to 45 degrees Celsius & beyond, most breeding spots of Culex mosquito would dry up.

  • To lower likelihood of bite from Culex, remove all objects on property that collect rainwater, & protect from bites by applying mosquito repellent to clothes & exposed areas of body when venturing outdoors, especially at dawn & dusk.

Other Facts About Culex Mosquito

  • It lives from 10 to 14 days

  • Its bite is itchy & can be painful

  • It is weak flier

  • It prefers to bite at dawn or after dusk

  • It has blunt tip on its abdomen

  • Culex mosquito is better known as common house mosquito, is one of 3 major types of mosquito inhabiting planet.

  • Its blood meal from birds instead of humans, it is not considered as much of threat to our health as Anopheles & Aedes mosquitoes.

  • Culex remains vector for assortment of diseases that can be potentially fatal to humans.

Diseases Spread by Culex Mosquito

  • Culex mosquito is not primary vector for prevalent mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue & yellow fever.
  • It can transmit number of other illnesses that can present serious health problems to human beings.
  • It is known to contribute to spreading of West Nile Virus, filariasis, & encephalitis.

What Are Vector Diseases?

Image of Vector Diseases

Image of Vector Diseases

Image of Vector Diseases

- Published/Last Modified on: August 20, 2018


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