Cyclone TITLI and LUBAN: Red Alert Issued for Dist. of North Andhra Pradesh & South Odisha Coasts

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Union Earth Sciences ministry took urgent review of developing scenario of cyclonic storm ‘TITLI’ over Bay of Bengal & another cyclonic storm ‘LUBAN’ over Arabian Sea. Cyclonic storm ‘LUBAN’ is expected to intensify into Severe Cyclonic Storm.

Luban Impact South India Together


  • Cyclone ‘TITLI’ is expected to intensify further into Severe Cyclonic Storm & cross east coast of India b/w Kalingapatnam (north Andhra Pradesh) & Gopalpur (south Odisha) .
  • Squally wind speed reaching 45 - 55 km ph gusting to 65 km ph is very likely to commence along & off along north Andhra Pradesh, Odisha & West Bengal coast.

Immense Damage in Odisha

  • Cyclone Titli & ensuing flood caused more devastation in Odisha & Andhra Pradesh than expected.
  • Storm affected 16 out of 30 dist. in Odisha. More than 5.7 million people across 7,402 villages were affected.
  • 27 people died in cyclone, 18 as death toll for one landslide incident.
  • Landslide occurred in tribal village called Baraghara in Gajapati dist. which is home to 74 families.
  • When cyclone warnings were issued in village, 61 families moved out, but 13 did not budge.
  • State has seen immense infrastructural damage, which highlights long-term economic loss that accompanies natural disasters.
  • Storm damaged more than 20,000 houses. It destructed several bridges, culverts, embankments & roads in state. This will impact livelihoods as around 0.75 million livestock died & crops on 0.58 million-acre land were destroyed.
  • Fishing industry lost 300 boats, 473 nets, 607 fish ponds, 69 fish seed farms & 14.66-hectare fish farms.

Cyclone Affects Andhra Pradesh

  • 9 people had died in state till October 15, while one was injured & one fisherman was missing.
  • Devastation was restricted to 2 dist. of Srikakulam & Vizianagaram in state.
  • Total affected population was almost 12.5 lakh spread across 872 villages & 40,000 houses worth more than ₹ 400 cr. were destroyed by cyclone Titli.
  • In Srikakulam, people are still facing problems in affected areas as electricity in more than 57 % of villages is yet to be restored. Crops in 4 lakh ha of land have been destroyed in Srikakulam district, 97 % of which is paddy.
  • Around 2,500 acres were destroyed in Vizianagaram. Farmers are staring at trying times ahead as loss due to crop damages is pegged at massive ₹ 800 cr.
  • Horticultural sector has made significant losses to tune of ₹ 1,000 cr. due to cyclone. Cashew & coconut plantations, which were considered long-term sources of livelihood for farmers, have seen most severe damage in Srikakulam district. Cashew trees in 44,500 acres & coconut trees in 34,600 acres were destroyed by cyclone.


  • It is very likely to move west-north-westwards towards Yemen & South Oman Coasts during next 5 days.
  • Gale wind speed reaching 85 - 95 km ph gusting to 105 km ph is prevailing over west central & adjoining southwest Arabian Sea.
  • 3 people are confirmed dead, 14 missing & more than 100 injured.
  • In last 3 days, several dist. have been flooded following heavy rains, causing significant number of houses to collapse.
  • 3,000 households have been displaced. This includes 650 households in Al Masilah district, 210 in Sayhut, 200 in Qishn, 250 in Huswain & 2,000 in Al Ghaydah.

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