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Cold Trap: India suffered massively due to cold waves disaster in 2012. No effective plan to mitigate the impact. Over 30 people have died in Uttar Pradesh. Nagaland- a surprise snowfall after over 40 years. Bihar-Patna (Capital) recorded its second coldest day in the decade. Delhi-Coldest December maximum temperature dipped to 9.4 degree celsius. A cold wave is distinguished by a cooling of the air.

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Air Waves Cold Trap

Air Waves Cold Trap

Air Waves Cold Trap

Cold Waves Disaster

Cold Waves Disaster

Cold Waves Disaster


  • Highly amplified upper level ridge-trough system.

  • Positive Surface Pressure.

  • Extensive snow coverage.

  • Propagates from Western Canada to the Gulf Coast.

  • Snow cover over northern and Central North America.

India’S Struggling Wind Energy Sector

  • Ministry of New and Renewable Energy.

  • Installation of 175-GW of renewable energy by 2022.

  • A sluggish target of 60-GW for the high potential wind sector.

  • Stand fourth in Wind Energy Sector.

  • Has the potential to install 695-GW (Utilising all its wind sources).

Installation Capacity

  • 37GW

  • 13-GW projects in the pipeline

  • 10-GW to be tendered.

  • CRISIL (A global analytical firm) - Installations will reach only 45 GW by March 2022.

Losing Speed Wind Energy Sector

Losing Speed Wind Energy Sector

Losing Speed Wind Energy Sector

Reasons and Challenges

  • Policy attention has always been focused on Solar Photo-Voltaic.

  • Waning interest of project developers in the sector.

  • Turbine blades could become a threat for the local wildlife.

  • Noise and aesthetic pollution.

  • Wind resource development-May not be the most profitable use of the land.

Wind Power Advantages

  • Cost-effective.

  • Job creation.

  • Clean fuel source.

  • Sustainable.

  • Domestic source of energy.

Antibiotic Resistance

  • Bacteria change in response to the use of these medicines.

  • Bacteria that develops resistance to antibiotics and become antibiotic resistant.

  • Develops naturally with normal bacterial mutation.

  • Improper use of antibiotics by Humans.

  • Infections caused are harder to treat than that of caused by the non-resistant bacteria.

  • India is one of leading users of antibiotics.

  • Private Sector- antibiotic prescription rates (412 per 1,000 persons per year).

  • Retail Sector- Per-capita antibiotic consumption has increased by around 22 % in five years from 2012 to 2016.

  • Making treatment of infectious diseases like leprosy almost impossible.

  • Poor people are the worst sufferers and have to bear the high cost for the treatment.

  • As of January 2019,117 countries had prepared National Action Plan on AMR including the other 62 with plans in progress.

Antibiotic Resistance-Occurence

Antibiotic Resistance-Occurence

Antibiotic Resistance-Occurence

Antibiotic Resistance-Examples

Antibiotic Resistance-Examples

Antibiotic Resistance-Examples

Reducing Consumption of Antibiotics

  • Stop Smoking.

  • Supporting safe pregnancies.

  • Promote breastfeeding.

  • Keeping the house dust free.

  • Promoting vaccination.

  • Consuming foods that have natural antibiotics.

  • Embracing new technology.

  • Embracing prophylactic foods.

  • Avoiding foods that reduce the activity of antibiotics.

Need of the Hour

  • Drug distribution and delivery in a responsible manner by the Private pharmaceutical industries.

  • A multi-stakeholder approach where private industry, philanthropic groups and citizen activists can work together.

  • Improved hygiene and vaccinations.

  • More funding for development of new antibiotics.

Infections and Diseases harder to treat using typical antibiotics

  • Leprosy

  • Tuberculosis

  • Gonorrhea

  • Pneumonia

Phosphorous - a Fast Depleting Natural Resource

  • Presence is essential in soil for crop growth.

  • West Bengal State University, Kolkata Report- Phosphorus reserves will most likely get exhausted in another 50 to 100 years.

  • Concentrated in- Morocco, Western Sahara, China, the US, Russia and West Asia.

  • Researchers point of view- world will reach “peak phosphorus” in 2030.

  • Dutch non-profit WASTE- India generates over 204 million tonnes of phosphorous per year.

The Phosphorus Cycle

The Phosphorus Cycle

The Phosphorus Cycle

Foods High in Phosphorus

  • Meat

  • Fast Food

  • Cheese

  • Milk

  • Seeds

  • Canned Fish

Uses of Phosphorus

  • To make waterproof matches smoke screens, tracer bullets etc.

  • Used in fertilizer.

  • To produce special glasses. Eg sodium lamps.

  • Phosphorous acid is used food flavoring, beverages, dental products, cosmetics, and skin care products due to its non-toxic and mildly acidic nature.

Swachh Survekshan League 2020

  • Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs under the aegis of Swachh Bharat Mission- Urban (SBM-U).

  • Cleanest city-Indore (Madhya Pradesh).

  • Quarter 1-

    • Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh).

    • Surat (Gujarat).

  • Quarter 2-

    • Rajkot (Gujarat).

    • Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra).

  • Evaluation is on the basis of monthly inputs.

  • Urban online MIS and telephonic responses by citizens on 12 parameters including waste collection and treatment.

  • 0.1 - 1 million population category- Jamshedpur was ranked first in both the quarters.

  • Quarter 1

    • Jamshedpur stood first.

    • New Delhi Municipal Corporation second.

    • Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone ranked third.

    • Cantonment Boards-Tamil Nadu’s St Thomas Mount Cantonment ranked first followed by Jhansi Cantonment and Delhi Cantonment.

  • Quarter-2

    • Jamshedpur stood first.

    • Delhi Cantonment spotted the first spot.

    • Jhansi Cantonment second.

    • Jalandhar Cantonment stood third.

    • Chandrapur (Maharashtra) Second spot.

    • Khargone (Madhya Pradesh) stood at Third spot.

SS League 2020

SS League 2020

SS League 2020

SS league is conducted in three quarters

  • April-June.

  • July-September.

  • October-December.

Weightage of 2000 marks for each quarter on two parameters

  • Monthly updation of SBM-U online MIS by cities.

  • Citizen’s validation- 12 service level progress indicators (Outbound Calls).

Ranks (In two categories)

  • Cities with a population of one lakh and above.

  • Cities with a population of less than one lakh.

Top 20 Cities in 10 Lakh Population Category

Top 20 Cities in 10 Lakh Population Category

Top 20 Cities in 10 Lakh Population Category

Top 20 Cities in 1 to 10 Lakh Population Category

Top 20 Cities in 1 to 10 Lakh Population Category

Top 20 Cities in 1 to 10 Lakh Population Category

Top 3 Cantt. Boards

Top 3 Cantt. Boards

Top 3 Cantt. Boards

107Th# Indian Science Congress

  • Held at Karnataka (Bengaluru).

  • Organised by the Indian Science Congress Association every year in the first week of January.

Theme for 2020- “Science & Technology: Rural Development”.

  • Focal point for scientists, researchers and academicians.

  • Origin- Foresight and initiative of two British chemists, namely, Professor J. L. Simonsen and Professor P. S. MacMahon.

  • Global Innovation Index 2019- India is not even in the top 50 of the 129 countries.

Indian Science Congress Association

  • Started in the year 1914 in Kolkata.

  • Membership of more than 30,000 scientists.


  • Promotion and advancement for the cause of Science in India.

  • Publishing desirable proceedings, journals, transactions and other publications.

  • Securing and Managing funds for the promotion of Science.

Use of Artificial Light to Make Flowers Boom

  • Medinipur District of West Bengal.

  • Farmers use artificial light to make flowers boom.

  • Nearly 150 farmers of Mahatpur Village grow chrysanthemum using LED lights.

  • On exposure to light farmers can manipulate their flowering time.

  • Under Constant light- Plants keep making energy.

  • Under Darkness-Grow in a burst.

  • Artificial lights save plants from smog.

  • Increased Output and the income.

  • Bigger flowers.

Artificial Light-Flowers boom

Artificial Light-Flowers Boom

Artificial Light-Flowers boom


  • A winter crop.

  • Planted in April.

  • Harvested in November.

  • Requires longer dark period for flower initiation.

  • A short day crop.

  • Flowers only when the duration of daylight is less than a certain amount.

Challenges to India’S Health Sector

  • Poor health indicators.

  • Public health expenditure in India is among the lowest in the world- 0.9 and 1.2 per cent of the GDP.

  • Immunization rate in India is woefully poor at 62 - 64 %.

  • Lack of trained doctors, physicians and nurses.

  • Lack of medical infrastructure.

  • Immunization rate in many countries in south and sub-Saharan Africa, despite their much lower levels of economic development is over 90 %.

  • Diseases due to poor water condition-40 times higher than China.

  • Women in Uttar Pradesh have 11 years lower life expectancy than their counterparts in Kerala.

Health Expenditure Per Person

Health Expenditure Per Person

Health Expenditure Per Person

Other Major Problems

  • Social Inequality.

  • Shortage of Medical Personnel.

  • Inadequate Medical research.

  • Expensive Health Service.

  • Managing Patient volume.

  • No waste management committees.

Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India

Healthcare in India

Ways to improve healthcare services

  • Setting up healthcare access task force.

  • Establishing proper coordination among the hospital staffs and community stakeholders.

  • Working with Student Run Clinics.

  • Using Mobile Clinics to reach to the patients.

  • Improving the transportation network.

  • Appropriate use of the intensive care unit for imminently terminal illness.

  • Partnering with clinics held in congregations.

  • Promoting more investment.

Healthcare Startups have Finger on the Pulse

Healthcare Startups Have Finger on the Pulse

Healthcare Startups have Finger on the Pulse

Sickle Senna

  • An edible weed.

  • Fills nearly every vacant plot, roadside, wasteland and riverbank.

  • An excellent source of food and nutrition.

  • Also known as chakunda, chakwad, chakod, chakramarda saag, tagrai and soru-medelua.

Senna Leaf Extract (Health Benefits)

  • Weight Loss.

  • Skin Care.

  • Anti-inflammatory.

  • Treatment of Indigestion.

  • Treatment of Colon Cancer.

  • Diuretic.

Other Uses

  • Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh- Tribal communities prefer the brown rhombohedral seeds of mature sickle pods for preparing healthy beverages.

  • Karnataka- People use Sickle Senna leaves to prepare vada (lentil fritters) and vegetable mix with dried coconut and jackfruit seeds.

  • Leaves, Seeds, Roots of Sickle Senna come loaded with Nutraceuticals.

  • Nutraceuticals provide protection against chronic diseases. Also improves health, delay the ageing process.

Nutraceuticals Food for Thought

Nutraceuticals Food for Thought

Nutraceuticals Food for Thought

Monsoon Paradox

  • Despite a good monsoon-Farmers are suffering another season of loss.

  • Trade and Earning affected.

  • Have accumulated huge debts due to crop damage and less remunerative price for produce.

  • National Statistical Office released the advance estimate of gross domestic product (GDP) -Fiscal year 2019 - 20.

  • Doubling farmers’ income by 2022-Decreasing in recent years.

Progress of the Monsoon

Progress of the Monsoon

Progress of the Monsoon

Reasons for loss

  • Crop damages.

  • Less remunerative price.

  • Dipping Production rate.

  • No proper plans to boost agriculture sector.

Ways to improve agriculture Sector

  • Better irrigation scheduling.

  • Recycling drainage water.

  • Improving canal operations.

  • Better watercourses and equipment.

  • Ensuring aids from different NGOs.

  • Improving access to credit, technology and markets.

Know the MCQs

  • India’s first spider museum is located at the Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh).

  • About 150 farmers of Mahatpur village use artificial light to grow chrysanthemum. Prahallad Maity a resident of Mahatpur village (Purba Medinipur district), around 80 km southwest of Kolkata, Maity thanks the 9-watt light emitting diode (led) bulbs hanging in his field for his financial prosperity.

  • Cladoxylopsids and archaeopteris-first leafy tree of the planet whose roots spanned almost 11 metres discovered in Cairo, New York.

  • India has pledged to install 60 GW of wind energy capacity by 2022.

  • Global Tuberculosis Report 2019- A patient receives medicine for multidrug resistant tuberculosis about 78 per cent TB patients are multidrug resistant.

  • Antibiotic Resistance- Thailand’s health ministry is encouraging people to exchange their expired and old medicines for eggs.

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