Daily Drug Regimen for Treatment of Tuberculosis

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The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has launched daily regimen for TB patients across the country under The Revised National TB Control Programme (RNTCP) . So far, government is only providing thrice-weekly regimen for the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) .

Daily Drug Regimen
  • The new regimen changes the thrice weekly to daily drug regimen using fixed dose combinations (FDC) for treatment.
  • This increases the intensity in dealing with disease, which accounts for about 4.2 lakh deaths every year.

Where Are New TB Drugs Available?

  • The daily FDC anti-TB drugs are made available at private pharmacy or at private practitioners for patients seeking private treatment
  • Drugs will also be made available at all the government pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Information will be available at all major hospitals, IMA, IAP and other professional medical associations

Details and Advantages of New Regimen

  • Use of Ethambutol in continuation phase for all patients
  • Drugs are given daily as against only 3 times weekly
  • Fixed dose combination (FDC) tablets are used reducing the pill burden from separate 7 tablets used previously
  • For children, child friendly formulations are approved as dispersible tablets
  • Use of Information Technology (IT) enabled treatment adherence support system
  • Reducing pill burden increases the chances of patient completing the treatment and hence decreases the changes of resistant strains.

TB in India

  • WHO Global TB Report, 2017 reported reduction in incidence of TB from 28.2 lakh to 27 lakh and mortality by 60 thousand over the last one year.

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