Davinder Singh Indian-Origin Lawyer Has Appointed as Vice-Chairman of Icc Commission


Davinder Singh (58) Indian-origin lawyer has become Vice-Chairman of International Chamber of Commerce Commission (ICC) on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption. Mr. Singh is one of the best Indian-origin lawyers in Singapore.

  • Prior to this appointment he was serving as chief executive of the Singapore based law firm Drew & Napier.
  • From 1988 to 2006 he has served as member of Singapore Parliament

About International Chamber of Commerce Commission (ICC):

ICC is largest Paris (France) based private sector world business organization with a central role in global trade and commerce.

It is multi-national companies (MNCs), law firms, trade associations, and small and medium-sized industries spared in 40 countries and have 300 members.

Commission Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption:

Under the ICC it is the13 policy commissions.

The mechanisms, international rules and standards which are used across the globe are forges by them.

Rules of best practices, conduct and advocacy for fighting corruption among other things in the corporate sector has also being developed by it.

- Published/Last Modified on: February 12, 2016