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The Union Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES) launching Deep Ocean Mission for research in ocean science and developing technology to harness ocean resources to Explore India’s 7,500 km coastline and 2.4 million square km of exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

Map of International Seabed Authority

Map of International Seabed Authority

Map of International Seabed Authority

  • Harness the enormous opportunities of energy, food, medicine, and natural resources in Indian peninsula.

  • Compete with China in deep-sea mission for mining mineral deposits in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Deep Ocean Exploration

  • Harness ocean resources in responsible way to transform prosperity of nation especially the adjoining coastal areas

  • Create jobs and business opportunities in ocean science.

  • The seawater desalination project of Rs. 2,000 crore at the Chennai coast also taken up under the mission to eliminate the potable water problem.

International Seabed Authority and Scenario of Deep Sea Exploration

  • International Seabed Authority (ISA) is the intergovernmental body based in Kingston, Jamaica established to organize, regulate, and control all mineral-related activities in the international waters.

  • ISA is UN body regulates exploitation of the ocean floor beyond 370-kilometre territorial limits.

  • ISA issued seven new licenses in the last week of July to explore floors of the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans.

  • State-owned and government-sponsored companies from India, France, Russia, Germany, China, Singapore, and the UK sought permission for minerals prospecting in the high seas.

  • Four licenses granted for the Pacific Ocean- the Clarion Clipperton Zone between Hawaii and Mexico and the Magellan Seamount in the northwest Pacific.

  • Two licenses granted for the Indian Ocean Ridge

  • One license was granted for Rio Grande Rise in the southern Atlantic.

  • One UK Seabed Resources- English subsidiary of the US Lockheed Martin secured exploration rights to an area larger than the entire UK.

  • ISA has so far opened up a vast 1.2 million square kms of seabed that is one-third the size of India for exploration of mineral deposits under 26 licenses issued since 2001.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 19, 2017


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