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Dhanush is the first indigenous long range artillery gun introduced in the Indian army on 4th November, 2019. It was manufactured by the Jabalpur based Gun Carriage Factory. Indian Army which began inducting the indigenously upgraded Dhanush artillery guns entire order of 114 guns will be completed by 2022. The first regiment of 18 guns will be in place by March 2020 another 36 gun by March 2021 and another 40 by March 2022.

Dhanush Artillery Guns

Dhanush Artillery Guns

Dhanush Artillery Guns

Gun System Overview

  • Dhanush is a 155mm, 45-Calibre towed Artillery gun having a range around 36km and has demonstrated a range of 38km.

  • These guns can be employed in all types of terrain in India.

  • It is one of the new generation towed artillery gun system with better upgraded features over the existing Bofors.

  • Dhanush is fitted with inertial navigation system which is having GPS based gun recording and auto laying.

  • It also has an enhanced tactical computer for on boarding ballistic computations and has an automatic gun sighting system equipped with camera, thermal imaging and laser range finder.

  • As it upgraded gun the electronic upgrades including enhancing firing accuracy, laying speeds also having compatibility with project Shakti which is artillery combat command & control system of the Indian army.

  • It has successful completed all trail parameters and 5000 rounds have been fired during the various internal and user trails in different terrains.

  • Indian army recently procured 155mm Excalibur precision guided ammunition from the United States and this can be used with Dhanush.

Indian Ordinance Factories

  • Indian ordinance factories headquartered at Kolkata. It has 41 factories, 9 training institutions, 3 regional marketing centers and 4 regional controller of safety.

  • Indian ordinance factories are an industrial setup which functions under the Department of Defense production of the Ministry of Defense.

Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur

  • It is also known as GCF Jabalpur and is one of the 41 odd Defense manufacturing units governed by the ordinance factory Board.

  • It is a Defense factory with census town in Jabalpur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is Located in the Satpura Range.

  • It was started in 1904 by British in India. This is the oldest ordinance factory in entire central India.

  • It looks after the needs of all three wings on Indian Defense forces, the Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the Indian Air force.

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