Do It Yourself (DIY): Notifiability Check for Mergers & Acquisitions Under Competition Act, 2002 (Download PDF)


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Competition Commission of India (CCI) launched Online Guidance System for determining notifiability of merger & acquisitions (combinations) in terms of Competition Act. Guidance System is named as “Do It Yourself (DIY): Notifiability check for mergers & acquisitions under Competition Act, 2002”

Image of Combination Regulation Under Competition Act, 2002

Image of Combination Regulation Under Competition Act, 2002

Image of Combination Regulation Under Competition Act, 2002

  • Online guidance system is launched as part of CCI’s outreach initiatives & measures to simplify compliance requirements regarding combinations.

  • Interactive online application is developed based on relevant provisions of Competition Act, 2002, relevant regulations issued thereunder & exemption notifications issued by Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  • Application envisages staged process to guide stakeholders in determining whether merger/acquisition is notifiable to CCI.

  • DIY toolkit is accessible at

Competition Commission of India

  • It is statutory body of GoI responsible for enforcing Competition Act, 2002 throughout India & to prevent activities that have appreciable adverse effect on competition in India.

  • It was established on 14th October 2003. It became fully functional in May 2009.

  • Objectives of Act are sought to be achieved thru CCI, which was established by Central Govt. w/effect from 14th October 2003.

  • It is duty of Commission to eliminate practices having adverse effect on competition, promote & sustain competition, protect interests of consumers & ensure freedom of trade in markets of India.

  • Commission is required to give opinion on competition issues on reference received from statutory authority established under any law & to undertake competition advocacy, create public awareness & impart training on competition issues.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 9, 2018

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