Doubling Farmers Income (Kurukshetra August 2020) (Download PDF)

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Doubling Farmers Income

Doubling Farmers Income


  • Need for 10.41 % increase in farmerีšs income
  • 6 year strategy from 2016 to 2022
  • % population dependent on agriculture declined to 48 % in 2011 from 85 % in 1951
  • Past strategy โ€“ raise output & improve food security โ€“ not for farmerีšs welfare
  • NSSO survey โ€“ 1 โ„ 5 of household with agriculture as main occupation are BPL
  • Soil is either acidic, alkaline, technology fatigue, low average growth, no remunerative returns
  • New strategy โ€“ growth beyond agriculture โ€“ livestock, diversity, productivity, intensity, reduce per capita dependence
  • Micro-irrigation; harvest to cover yield losses, increase sale value of crop
  • Organic food produce โ€“ India to contribute global 60 million US dollar market for organic products
  • e-nam to empower people
  • Infrastructure development โ€“ storage, greenhouse, micro-irrigation
  • Focus on high value crops (fruit, sugarcane, fiber, condiments, species, and sugarcane) โ€“ right now occupy on 19 % gross cropped area
  • Staple crops like cereals, pulses, oilseeds occupy 77 % area and 41 % output
  • Fast growing trees โ€“ poplar & eucalyptus โ€“ for more income in short time
  • Indiaีšs farm yield is lower than other nations (India โ€“ 2.6 ton; China โ€“ 7 ton; Indonesia โ€“ 5.1 ton; Vietnam โ€“ 5.6 ton)
  • Rice yield gap b/w Punjab & Chhattisgarh is 3 times
  • Higher seed replacement ratio means higher productivity
  • Modern techniques โ€“ laser land leveller, direct seeded rice, zero tillage, raised bed plantation, better credit and policy

- Published/Last Modified on: December 3, 2020

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