Down to Earth Governance Rankings

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Down to Earth Governance Rankings

  • Down to Earth՚s State of India՚s Environment 2020: In Figures rankings were released recently.
  • Top three spots have been taken by
    • Tamil Nadu
    • Maharashtra
    • Himachal Pradesh
  • The ranking is based on ten parameters.
Down to Earth Governance Rankings


  • The rankings are based on two government reports-
    • Good Governance Index
    • Composite Water management Index
  • The parameters are
    • Agriculture and allied activities
    • Human Resource Development
    • Public Infrastructure
    • Social Welfare Department
    • Employment
    • Commerce and Industries
    • Water Resource Management
    • Economic Governance
    • Judicial and Public Safety
    • Public Health
  • Delhi, along with Arunachal Pradesh and a few other states, is at the bottom.
  • States have been ranked according to their work in specific sectors.
  • Delhi is ranked third in human resource development (concerned with education and skill building among others) .
  • The national score in agriculture and allied activities (horticulture, livestock and fisheries) is- 4.23 out of 10
  • The above score highlights the need for immediate attention.
  • It also explains the widespread slump in the sector and high rate of farmer suicide in India.
  • Tamil Nadu scores – 4.5
  • Maharashtra scores – 4.2
  • 13 states՚ scores fall below the national average.
  • The situation is getting even worse due to the pandemic.
  • In water sector, national average is- 4.52.
  • The score of 15 states is below national average.

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