Dr. Thomas E. Starzl, Pioneering Liver Surgeon is No More (Download PDF)

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Dr. Thomas Starzl, the pioneer of liver transplantation and the driving force behind the world՚s first baboon-to-human liver transplants and research on anti-rejection drugs, has died. He was 90.

About Dr. Thomas E. Starzl

Dr. Thomas E. Starzl, Pioneering Liver Surgeon
Table Contain Shows About of Dr. Thomas E. Starzl
BornMarch 11,1926
DiedMarch 4,2017 (aged 90)
ResidencePittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FieldsTransplantation surgery, Immunology
InstitutionsUniversity of Pittsburgh
Alma materBA, Westminster College, 1947

MD, Northwestern University, 1952

PhD, Northwestern University, 1952

Known forPerformed the first human liver transplant in 1963,

Developed the clinical applications of cyclosporine,

Contributed to the field of immunosuppression

  • He also pioneered animal-to-human liver transplants, including baboon to human experiments, which he showed could briefly extend life when there was a shortage of human organs.
  • Starzl was a surgeon and researcher in the then nascent field of organ transplantation at the University of Colorado from 1962.

Starzl՚s most notable accomplishments include:

Starzl՚s Most Notable Accomplishments


  1. Lasker Award, 2012
  2. Carnegie Science Chairman՚s Award, 2010
  3. Gustav O. Lienhard Award, 2009
  4. John Scott Award, 2004
  5. Jacobson Innovation Award, 1995
  6. Distinguished Service Awards, 1991
  7. Golden Plate Award, 1983
  8. David M. Hume Memorial Award, 1978
  9. City of medicine Award

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