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The government has released draft rules for a ‘no-fly list’ for banning unruly passengers. The Ministry of Civil Aviation had set up a committee to come up with the final draft of the new set of rules. The new rules would be opened for public comments for a period of one month.

Image of the unruly face flight ban

Image of the Unruly Face Flight Ban

Image of the unruly face flight ban


  • The 3 levels of disruptions for flyers:
Image of the 3 levels of disruptions for flyers

Image of the 3 Levels of Disruptions for Flyers

Image of the 3 levels of disruptions for flyers

  • The above punishments would be applicable to the domestic carriers but the international airlines can also make use of these inputs if they want to.
  • In the case of repeat offenders, the person will be banned for twice the period of the previous ban.
  • The existing Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) specifies the steps that need to be taken to deal with unruly passengers.
  • The no-fly list will be maintained by the safety regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
  • The no-fly list is applicable only to domestic carriers, international airlines are free to use the list as per their right of carriage policies
  • A standing committee constituted by a particular airline will decide on putting a passenger on the no-fly list within 10 days of the airline reporting an unruly incident.
  • Nearby 10,854 incidents of unruly behaviour by passengers have been reported worldwide in the year 2015.
  • Unruly behaviour could be the result of an event of unsatisfactory service/condition or effect of a series of such events that build up

    • Airline staff should observe early signs of potential unruly behaviour.
    • Airlines shall focus and act on these early signs, rather than dealing exclusively with escalated events.
    • At no stage, the airline staff/crew member shall show discourteous behavior during redressal of genuine passenger rights

Internal Committee

Image of the internal committee

Image of the Internal Committee

Image of the internal committee

- Published/Last Modified on: May 18, 2017


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