Drills has conducted in South China Sea by Chinese Navy


The Drills has conducted in South China Sea (SCS) by Chinese Navy, for employing its major destroyers and frigates, carrier - based helicopters and new submarines. Key facts The Chinese Navy who is base of the Sanya training and the naval activity which mainly focused on anti - submarine warfare.

  • President Jinping’s wants a military that is capable of fighting and winning wars that’s way as part of regular annual naval drill was conducted.
  • These drills have actively improved the Chinese navy’s anti - submarine combat abilities based on informationalised systems.
  • Still, they have not admitted the details of the exact time and places for the procedure of these drills.


  • After United States (US) President Barack Obama and leaders of other Asian Countries bordering SCS had recently voiced their concerns and pressurized China over its giant land reclamation projects in disputed waters of SCS during the 2015 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit held in Manila, Philippines these naval exercises were conducted.
  • China is challenging its territorial dominance over the entire SCS including the adjacent waters of its Asian neighbors including Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan which in turn is harming the regional peace and stability.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 23, 2015