Drug Capsule Delivering 2 Week Medication - MIT Researchers (Download PDF)

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MIT scientists developed a new drug capsule that can stay in the stomach for up to two weeks after being swallowed, gradually releasing its payload. The capsule, could be a powerful weapon in fighting malaria, HIV and other diseases where successful treatment depends on repeated doses of medicine.

Innovative Star-Shaped Capsule That Might Help Save Lives

Six-Armed Pill

  • Long-acting pill has a star-shaped structure with six arms folded inwards and encased in a smooth capsule.
  • Drug doses loaded into the arms- each arm attached to a core by a linker designed to break down.
  • Acid in the stomach dissolves the outer capsule layer, allowing the arms to unfold. Expanded capsule is big enough to resist being pushed down the digestive tract.
  • In pigs, drug doses were gradually released over two weeks.
  • Drug capsule that can survive in the body for weeks, allowing ­patients to take a full prescription in one dose.
  • Similar capsules can deliver drugs against other tropical diseases, as well as HIV and tuberculosis.
  • Its biggest potential is to ensure people with illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, or tuberculosis take their full course.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 18, 2016


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