E-Loc- Scheme for Mapping Addresses Digitally (Download PDF)

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All addresses- residential or professional will soon get a digital tag, similar to Aadhaar for an individual’s identification. The idea is to provide e-locations (like on Google Maps) for the addresses therein & then provide possibilities to link them to other info.

Image of Mapping Addresses Digitally

Image of Mapping Addresses Digitally

Image of Mapping Addresses Digitally

Project Implementation

  • Department of posts under the ministry of communications is working on a project

  • Project will accord a six-character alphanumeric digital address for every property for three postal pin code locations.

  • Department to give e-locations for the addresses and then provide possibilities to link them to other information, such as property title and ownership, property tax records, information on utilities like electricity, water and gas.

What is Eloc ID?

  • Shortens an address into a combination of six alphabets and numbers.

  • The digital identity for example, UV77D7 will be an e-enabled address paralle to the existing postal address

  • Number can be put on visiting card, website or used as an address.

  • eLoc in MapmyIndia’s maps portal will instantly offer turn-by-turn directions to the address.

Current Plans

  • Current plan cleared for two postal pin codes in Delhi and one in Noida.

  • Proof of concept will be utilized towards developing a digital address for a national-level project rollout.

  • The postal department would assist through sharing of data on beat maps, verification of the information related to mapping of physical address with the digital addresses and facilitating interactions with ground staff.

  • ISRO and its national satellite imagery service ‘Bhuvan’ will be used to get effective mapping coordinates.

Advantages of E-Loc

  • eLoc will help travellers and commuters search, share and navigate to a destination’s exact doorstep

  • Reduce time, money, fuel wastage and expenses for businesses in the e-commerce, transportation, logistics and field operations domains.

  • Enable digital comprehension- A large number of addresses in the country are difficult to comprehend when read digitally- For example, an address such as 147, Pocket XX, 2A, Janakpuri can be easily identified online by a digital address such as 8GDTYX.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 25, 2017

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