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This project is an initiative of IIT Bombay. It aims to create next generation of embedded systems engineers with a practical outlook to help provide practical solutions to some of the real world problems.

  • Robotics Competition
  • Lab Setup Initiative
  • Resource Development Center
  • Symposium

1. E-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC)

e-Yantra Robotics Competition (eYRC) is a unique annual competition for undergraduate students in science and colleges. Selected teams are given a robotic kit complete with accessories and video tutorials to help them learn basic concepts in embedded systems and microcontroller programming. Abstracts of real world problems assigned as “themes” are then implemented by the teams using the robotic kits.

The winners of this competition are offered summer internship at IITB through

2. E-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI)

e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI) is a college level program under which colleges are encouraged to setup robotics labs. It is designed as a scalable and sustainable approach that addresses infrastructure creation and teacher training – to create an eco-system at the colleges to impart effective engineering education. eLSI provides:

(i) guidance and support for establishing robotics labs - three robotic kits are given to each participating college and (ii) a two-phased training for teachers:

eLSI Status

  • 212 Labs Inaugurated
  • Present over 32 + regions
  • Numerous Workshops

Two 2 workshops

Face-to-face training workshop conducted at a coordinating college for teacher team from a given region. Over 800 Teachers trained

  • 48 Workshops Conducted
  • 510 + Colleges Attended the Workshops
  • 34 Regions Covered

3. E-Yantra Symposium (eYS)

e-Yantra Symposium (eYS) is an annual event at IIT-Bombay – to bring together colleges which have set up robotics labs through the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI). The goal is to share projects and brainstorm new ideas for improving pedagogy and the quality of BE projects. This event ensures sustainable use of Robotics labs set up through the e-Yantra Lab Setup Initiative (eLSI). No registration fee is charged from teachers and students from colleges who attend the symposium. This event acts as a platform for:

4. E-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC)

e-Yantra Resource Development Center (eYRDC) is a portal designed exclusively for eL Sl colleges through which we share resources for teachers to help them use their e-Yantra labs in an effective manner


Transforming e-Yantra labs at colleges to:

(i) Innovation hubs for incubating exciting B. E. projects

(ii) Labs for ALL to conduct hands-on experiments through Lesson Plans, Lab Experiments, Tutorials, ……

Currently the portal consists of following sections:

Lesson Plans: are created to help teachers conduct lessons and assign experiments that would encourage students to use the Robots and accessories from their e-Yantra labs on topics from their curriculum.

Tutorial: section contains set of modules based on different technologies which will extend the capabilities of Firebird V Robot.

Lecture: section contains many interesting lectures comprising different aspects that take student to become well rounded person.

Project: section contains projects based on application of new technologies. Colleges who are looking for project ideas can watch the video to get the ideas which will be helpful in making their own BE projects.

Generic Projects: contains project videos on different applications on Firebird V Robot.

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