EPFO Introduces ‘View Pension Passbook’ Service for the Pensioners through Umang App

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Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) started ‘View Pension Passbook’ service for pensioners thru Umang App. Shareholders will be able to see their passbook details on applying app, so that they will know balance. Umang app was launched by govt. in 2017.

Employment Provident Fund Organization

View Passbook

  • When clicking ‘View passbook’ option, relevant pensioner has to enter PPO number & his birthday.
  • After successful verification of these information, OTP will be sent to registered mobile number of respective pensioner.
  • After registering OTP, ‘Pensioner Passbook’ will show details of related pensioner such as his name, birthdays & previous pension amount deposited in his account.
  • It is available to download entire pass book details according to financial year.

Other E-Services Thru Umang App

  • Many services can be availed by information of PF account thru online applying for registration, registration for patients, birth certificate, gas booking, applying for passport, PAN card, national pension scheme, Prime Minister Skill Development scheme.
  • All services of Digital India can be availed thru this app, which include services like linking & digitizer.
  • App is completely safe. W/help of this app, all CBSE students can get information about exam centre, examination results etc.
  • Thru this app you can see all students of NCERT, Teachers, Parents & School Class & Subject Wise content.

Employees՚ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO)

  • EPFO, state of India encouraged mandatory contribution pension & government organization providing insurance plan.
  • In terms of quantity of members & amount of financial transactions, it is world՚s largest organization.
  • Its main office is in Delhi.
  • In 1952, organization was established under Employees Provident Fund and Provisions Act, 1952.
  • Organization՚s managers include Central Board of Trustees, representatives of GoI & State Govt. , employers & employees. It is headed by Union Labor Minister of India.

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