Earth observation satellite Gaofen-4 has been successfully launched by China


As part of the country’s high-definition (HD) earth observation Gaofen project China has successfully launched its most sophisticated observation satellite Gaofen-4. From the Xichang Satellite Launch Centre in the southwestern province of Sichuan it was launched onboard a Long March-3B carrier rocket.

  • With this china has successfully flight 19th space mission in 2015 year and it was the 222th space flight of the Long March rocket series.

About Gaofen-4 Satellite

  • Gaofen-4 is world’s most sophisticated HD geosynchronous orbit remote sensing satellite and China’s first geosynchronous orbit high-definition optical imaging satellite and.
  • It will moves synchronously with the earth and positioned at the orbit 36, 000 km away from the earth.
  • It will be very use full for investigation of geological disasters and forest disasters, disaster prevention and relief and meteorological forecast.

About Gaofen project

  • It is part of China project which aim is to launch seven high-definition observation satellites before 2020.
  • And the first satellite of this project series was Gaofen-1 which was launched in April 2013.
  • Currently, Gaofen-1 and Gaofen-2 satellites are orbiting around the earth at low orbits around 600 - 700 km.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 30, 2015