Economic emergency has been announced by France


To redefine France’s economic and social model of France, Francois Hollande President of French has declared a state of economic emergency. Government has planned series of economic measures to boost long-stagnant economic growth and reduce chronic unemployment under the ambit emergency.

Projected economic measures are:

  • Provide training to half a million jobless workers, greater use of apprenticeships and aiding companies for hiring young workers.
  • Bring up to date labour-friendly business model of country in an increasingly online and border-free economy.
  • Releasing inflexible working time rules including 35-hour workweek and a bonus of 2, 000 euros to small businesses which will appoint young people.
  • Troubled suburbs of France youth will be emerge particularly sections that face job discernment into the global economy.
  • The French government presents it in parliament and in draft economic reform laws this notable actions will be included.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 19, 2016