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Einstein’s Theory of Relativity was proven to work even in 3-star systems. Study conducted by scientists proved that legendary scientist was correct about gravity even in most extreme scales.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Proved in 3-star Systems

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Proved in 3-star Systems

Image of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Proved in 3-star Systems

Experiment for 3 Star Systems

  • Researchers observed gravitational behaviour in 3-star system known as PSR J0337 + 1715. Massive system located 4,200 light years away consists of 2 white dwarfs & neutron star, ideal example of extreme scale.

  • After years of study, researchers reported finding no detectable difference indicating no alternative theories of gravity were in motion. Results were consistent w/Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Theory of General Relativity

  • In 1915, Albert Einstein presented his theory of general relativity, which proposed that gravity itself was result of warping of space-time by massive objects like stars & planets.

  • Einstein’s theory of relativity indicates that all objects fall same way regardless of mass or composition.

Things Predicted by General Relativity Include (Important)

  • As light gets closer to sun, it bends towards sun twice as much as classical physics (system used before general relativity) predicts.

  • Perihelion of planet Mercury rotates along its orbit more than is expected under Newtonian physics. General relativity accounts for difference b/w what is seen & what is expected w/o it.

  • Redshift from gravity. When light moves away from object w/gravity (moving away from center of valley), it is stretched into longer wavelengths. This was confirmed by Pound-Rebka experiment.

  • Shapiro delay. Light appears to slow down when it passes close to massive object. This was 1st seen in 1960s by space probes headed towards planet Venus.

  • Gravitational waves. They were 1st observed on 14 September 2015.

Alternatives to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

  • Alternatives to Einstein’s general theory of relativity predict that compact objects w/extremely strong gravity, like neutron stars, fall little differently than objects of lesser mass.
  • That difference, these alternate theories predict, would be due to compact object’s so-called gravitational binding energy –gravitational energy that holds it together.
  • Einstein’s equations have passed all tests, from careful laboratory studies to observations of planets in our solar system.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 14, 2018

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