Election Rules to Allow E-Transfer of Postal Ballot- Important (Download PDF)

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Election Commission of India (ECI) has modified the Conduct of Election Rules, 1961 to allow the e-transfer of postal ballot. New rules empower a returning officer in any constituency to send postal ballots to an eligible voter by electronic means.

  • Postal ballots allow voters to proxy their voters; such voters are otherwise unable participate because of nature of their job or geographical location.

How Will E-Transfer of Postal Ballot Work?

  • Returning officer can send ballot through a web portal with a One Time Password (OTP) to voters.
  • Voter needs to download the ballot for voting.
  • Voters will physically return the ballot through post.
  • Two-way e-voting or electronic transmission has not been approved by the Election Commission, citing security and secrecy concerns.

Importance of the New Process

  • Replace existing system in which postal ballots were sent through the Department of Posts.
  • Removes logistical issues in confirming the constituency where a voter is eligible to vote.
  • It will help to the EC overcome time pressure.
  • Voters will download blank ballot papers, mark their preference, and post the filled-up ballot back to their particular returning officers.

- Published/Last Modified on: September 6, 2017


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