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Eminent Professor Christopher Alan Bayly’s historian died in the age of 70 in Chicago due to heart attack. His death was announced by the Centre for South Asian Studies at the University of Cambridge. Alan Bayly was a historian who specialized in British Imperial, Indian and global history and his works covered the 18th and 19th century India and British imperial history. In 2007, Christopher Alan Bayly was knighted for his contribution to historical scholarship in the field of contribution India and British imperial history.

Earlier before death, Bayly was Harmsworth Professor Emeritus, University of Cambridge, Professor of History, Queen Mary University of London and Vivekananda Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago.

Christopher Alan’s few works of Nayly included -

In 1975, The Local Roots of Indian Politics: Allahabad 1880 - 1920

In 1988, Rulers, Townsmen and Bazaars: North Indian Society in the Age of British Expansion, 1780 - 1870

In 1990, Indian Society and the Making of the British Empire

In 2004, The Birth of the Modern World: Global Connections and Comparisons 1780 - 1914

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