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Out of 43,500 gigatonnes of the total Earth’s Carbon content not even one percent is above the surface, in the oceans, on land and in the atmosphere. According to the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO), an estimated 1.85 billion gigatonnes of carbon is expected to be stored inside the Earth. Deep Carbon Observatory is a 10 year year-long collaboration of over 1,000 scientists across the world who was studying the quantities, movements, forms and origins of carbon in the Earth. According to Balz S Kamber, professor of Petrology at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia who is also a DCO collaborator In order to sustain the natural greenhouse effect that prevents us from freezing, the Earth needs carbon dioxide in its atmosphere. According to researchers volcanoes emit 280 to 360 million tonnes of each year, and that this is 40 to 100 times less than emissions due to human activities.

Image show of The Global carbon Cycle

Image Show of The Global Carbon Cycle

Image show of The Global carbon Cycle

Highest Multi-drug resistant TB cases in India

  • The Multi Drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) is a form of tuberculosis (TB) infection being caused by bacteria that are resistant to treatment.
  • It includes at least two of the most powerful first-line anti-TB medications (drugs), isoniazid and rifampin.
  • The two main reasons of multidrug resistance continue to emerge and spread are mismanagement of TB treatment and person-to-person transmission.
  • As per the Annual India TB Report 2019, in 2018 the total number of Tuberculosis cases recorded was over 21.5 million more than 17 % of what it was in 2017.
  • The country has also recorded a spike in TB in HIV-infected people from 43,253 cases in 2017 to 50,000 cases a year later.
  • The TB burden has been observed to be at 20%, 10 % and 7 % in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan respectively.
  • In 2019 itself so far as many as 133,059 paediatric TB patients were notified which is 6 % more than what it was in 2018.
  • India has 26,966 MDR-TB (multi-drug resistant TB) patients, the highest in the world, and 2,130 XDR-TB (Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis) patients.
Image show of Indias TB burden

Image Show of India’s TB Burden

Image show of India’s TB burden

Prevention to Control Drug-resistant TB

  • The TB patient needs to be cared first time around.
  • Providing access to diagnosis
  • Ensuring adequate infection control in facilities where patients are treated
  • Ensuring the appropriate use of recommended second-line drugs.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 15, 2019


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