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European Refugee Crisis: Since 2011 huge number of refugees and migrants has been shifting to Europe, from many countries particularly from Syria and they see European Union (EU) as their asylum because of the natives don’t want any more, the whole situation has developed into a crisis.

Refugees are not only Syrians

  • More than 5 Lakh people have traversed to Europe by sea and land.
  • Most of them are from Syria but all of them are not concerned only by civil war, but also by the most violent and inhumane atrocities by ISIS.
  • Along with Syria, refugees also belong to Middle East (Iraq), Africa (Eritrea, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Gambia), South Asia and Central Asia.
  • A substantial number of refugees are also from Afghanistan and Pakistan too, because of the endless civil conflicts in these countries as par International Organization for Migration (IOM) statistics.
  • In April 2015, the phrase “European migrant crisis” was used widely, because of when five ships with almost two thousand refugees to coming Europe dropped in the Mediterranean Sea, with a combined death toll probable at more than 1, 200 people.

Migrants and Refugees – Statistics

European Migrant Crisis 2015

European Migrant Crisis 2015

European Migrant Crisis 2015

  • According to UNHCR, 59.5 million people were forcibly displaced in 2014 by the UN’s refugee agency that was raised considerably in 2015.
  • In recent months, a record number of 1, 07, 500 refugees have reached to the borders of European Union.
  • Around 30, 000 have started living at these borders between 2000 and 2015.
  • From this the idea gets clear that this crisis didn’t started only after ISIS emerged.
  • In 2014 around 24, 000 youths has applied for asylum.
  • Due to this situation several of the children reach at the age group of 15 to 17 without any formal schooling addition more irritations to host countries.

The European Response to Migrant Crisis

The European Response to Migrant Crisis

The European Response to Migrant Crisis

The European Response to Migrant Crisis

  • For other EU members to work out a plan for asylum seekers Germany and the EU have been pushing.
  • Amongst all countries Britain had taken a leads which strictly rejects it.
  • Bulgaria, Czech, Slovakia and Poland all have refused to taking of refugees, which make the situation serious.
  • Germany is predictable to give green signal to almost 1 million candidates for asylum.
  • After, EU has started to take few favorable steps after Media extensive criticisms on Refugee crisis.
  • Primarily Europe customary settlers with barbed wires tear gas and police brutality.
  • But after huge request across International media and from human rights and progressive organizations within Europe, released the limits on refugees.


Image of Aylan photo of dead child

Image of Aylan photo of dead child

Image of Aylan photo of dead child

  • Additional occasion which assisted to meet pro- refugee sentiments was photo of dead child Aylan on a beach.
  • An accident happened when his father accidently dropped him from a stuffed boat while trying to escape.
  • This photo goes viral across world due to social media which made sure that this photo was seen by everyone who has an account.
  • After this incident from the Pope Francis report that was decided that every Church in Europe should welcome the refugee family who has given audacity to many that it may alteration the mood in European Right Wing’s mind.
  • And then countries have started to take more refugees quietly.
  • European people have started receiving refugees with water, food, shoes and blankets.
  • Although Italy, Greece and Hungary are the combat countries for receiving, after Germany, Sweden, Austria and Switzerland.

Why Europe?

  • Europe is the become the most common endpoint for the people from this war disagreed regions as its judiciously prosperous, socially secure and has friendly establishment laws.
  • Generally it’s not because refugees are opportunists that they walk to EU but it’s because of risky situation they and their relatives have to live.
  • Limitless wars, conflicts have uninhabited their countries political, economic and social equilibrium.
  • It’s also wonderful, why GCC countries never have been helpful or available to refugee disaster mainly when it’s fashionable in their backyard.
  • Rich countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar has to composition more pro- active roles in this situation.
  • So unusually Europe as bordering land looks to be their instant hope to go as they can walk or use boats or ships to reach.

Causes for Refugee Crisis


  • A small and quick look into history will demonstrate you that countries who are liable for this condition are the ones who have to tolerate pain of this crisis i. e. Europe or to place in a cliche ‘West’ comprehensive of US.
  • Middle East can be said as the consecrated grail of West meanwhile oil was accidentally created by two American gentlemen in Saudi Arabia.
  • No indecision was a benefit to citizens and even to millions of Asian and African colonists to Middle East but also it enclosed the way to infinite geo-political crisis across the region.
  • Previously finding oil just like Asia and Africa European domination had slurped all its prosperity when time came to consent the place like universally, Imperial controls left devoid of deciding subjects shaped by them mostly land arguments within neighbors.
  • For Example is Israel and Palestine subject.

Dictatorship regimes and Islamic fundamentalism:

  • Constant absolutism type instructions and Islamic fundamentalism made Middle East highest unstable n concerned place on the planet.
  • Western influences to make their oil source smooth and to become part of Gulf Boom continuing in early 80’s continuously took an imperfect stand on these subjects.

Shia-Sunni divide:

  • Shia-Sunni was another villain to earlier declined condition and divide among people, society and commands which controlled to many conflicts.
  • This reason has controlled many citizens to flee as immigrants in the past from Palestine, during Iraq-Iran war, Iraq-Kuwait war etc.


  • This refuge disaster has given Europe an expediency check on its conflicts on many regions of MENA.
  • And battles on these lands didn’t relief the condition still they were able to kill or overthrow dictator leaders.
  • Substructure and civilized circumstances have already got terrible by more declined by war.
  • And this war made natives impact on these lands to search green fallows which ensued to be Europe and henceforth Refugee crisis were started.

Democracy movements and civil war:

  • The Refugee crises are not stared recently from Libya conflict.
  • If we go over back refugee effort as a disaster started from US, UK combined war to liberate Iraq.


  • Whole thing are battled by Emergence of ISIS sky only.
  • During the way Western controls are unsuccessful to bring stable commands to these lands.
  • Between carnages of ISIS or ineffective rules People in a way got sandwiched and got backed by West on one side and on the other side hunger, insufficiency and oppression.
  • Single way for service was recruit long walk in the direction of Europe! So that one of the biggest Exoduses ever seen in history was started.

Adding fuel to fire

  • Saudi Arabia attacked on Yemen.
  • Asylum destitute that refugees may intersection ISIS.
  • Turkey’s restricted relation with Kurds

Syrian Conflict versus this crisis?

  • Syria’s war against ISIS is not acceptance any thump.
  • It made Syrians to permission their country to Turkey which is nearby and they supposed when war is over they can return.
  • For people to stay in the long run as Right to work for refugees are not legal yet even however Turkey has occupied 2 million refugees, it’s not a country.
  • New command of Turkey is also not promising to refuges as preceding government.
  • It has made refugees unresponsive to go to Turkey.
  • In Jordan, UN organization started working with millions of refuges;
  • Many people have protected compulsory money to use officially or illegitimately to get dependent to Germany.
  • People have habituated with the way via Balkan to journey to EU.
  • During all this year’s EU countries sitting as a lame duck and keep talking, and dictions on refugee disaster without taking urgent and necessary solution for such a condition.

Conclusions with Possible Solutions

  • West Asia and Middle East cannot show their back on refugee disaster because of Narrow minded Foreign Policy.
  • Till now Europe must have to include US which has been mainly indefinable on whole matter.
  • GCC countries are accepting more refugees.
  • Right now Saudi Arabia is doing mistake by attacking and bombing Yemen currently which will only add additional refugees.
  • If Europe becomes successful to push back the refugees, the condition will be more vicious.
  • Such foolishness will outpour the probabilities of refugees’ connection with ISIS as they won’t must any other choices to survive.
  • Turkey should end its confidentiality with Kurds and try to include them more into conclusion a solution and to defeat ISIS.
  • Assad command should be made more answerable.
  • They also have to include Russia and originate an extreme war in contradiction of ISIS.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 16, 2016