Expected Questions in Geography 2019-IAS/NET (Set-1)

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Expected Questions on Geography 2019 (UPSC CSE/SSC/IBPS)

Vishwanath Precinct Development Project

  • Beautification plan destroys oldest neighbourhoods in Varanasi.
  • Around temple of Lord Vishwanath, destruction is taking place on a scale this ancient city hasn՚t witnessed in modern times.
  • Strip of land - measuring 43,636 sq. m - b/w 18th century shrine & Ganga is being cleared of all construction, many perhaps as old as temple itself, so that pilgrims have easier access thru wide & beautified corridor that is planned under Kashi Vishwanath Precinct Development Project.
  • Project is being executed by Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Trust, under UP govt.
  • Close to 300 houses - 187 demolished & 90 waiting to be razed are making way for project, which has effectively wiped out some of oldest neighbourhoods in city, such as Lahori Tola.

“Adopt a Heritage” programme

  • Scheme is collaborative effort b/w Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture & Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) & State/UTs Govts.
  • It was launched in September 2017 on World Tourism Day by President.
  • Aims to develop synergy among all partners to effectively promote “responsible tourism” .
  • Aims to involve public sector companies, private sector companies & corporate citizens/individuals to take up responsibility for making our heritage & tourism more sustainable thru development, operation & maintenance of world-class tourist infrastructure & amenities at ASI/State heritage sites & other imp. tourist sites in India.
  • Tourists visiting Amer Fort (Rajasthan) , Kaziranga (Assam) , Colva Beach (Goa) , Kumarakom (Kerala) & Mahabodhi temple (Bihar) will be able to avail themselves of audio guide thru mobile application.
  • Ministry of Culture signed agreement w/private entity for initiative (under “Adopt Heritage” programme) .
  • Ministry awarded Letter of Intent to 7 agencies under its “Adopt a Heritage” programme which allows public & private sector companies to operate, maintain & develop amenities at heritage sites.

Golan Heights

Golan Heights, a rocky plateau in south-western Syria, has a political & strategic significance which belies its size. Whoever controls this area has major strategic advantage.

Golan Heights is area captured from Syria & occupied by Israel during 6 Day War, territory which Israel annexed in 1981.

Israel unilaterally annexed Golan Heights in 1981. Move was not recognised internationally.

Importance of Golan Heights

  • Having control of Golan gives Israel a vantage point from which to monitor any Syrian military movements towards Israel.
  • Area is a key source of water for an arid region. Rainwater from Golan՚s catchment feeds into Jordan River. Area provides 3rd of Israel՚s water supply.
  • Land is fertile, w/volcanic soil being used to cultivate vineyards & orchards & to raise cattle. Golan is home to Israel՚s only ski resort.

Kishanganga hydroelectric project at Bandipore

PM inaugurated 300 MW Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project in Bandipora Dist. of J&K.

Kishangana HydroElectric Project

  • It is 37 m high concrete faced rockfill dam (CFRD) constructed on Kishanganga River in Jhelum River basin in Bandipore in J&K.
  • Its construction was started in 2007 & completed in 2016.
  • It has underground power House w/3 Units of 110 MW capacity each (330 MW) .
  • Its all units were synchronised in May 2018.
  • It will provide a free power of 13 % to state, which will be around ₹ 133 cr. per year.
  • Construction on dam was temporarily halted by Hague՚s Permanent Court of Arbitration (CoA) in October 2011 due to Pakistan՚s protest of its effect on flow of Kishanganga River (called Neelum River in Pakistan) .
  • In 2013, CoA ruled that India could divert all water leaving min. amount of water to downstream of dam on Kishanganga River for purpose of environmental flows.

World՚s second oldest rock is from Odisha

Scientists have discovered world՚s 2nd oldest grain of magmatic zircon (a mineral that contains traces of radioactive isotopes) from Champua from Singhbhum rock sample in Odisha՚s Kendujhar dist.

It is estimated 4,240 million years old, making it world՚s 2nd oldest rock ever to be discovered. It is oldest magmatic zircon on earth.

Key Facts

  • Isotopic analysis of Singhbhum rock sample w/magmatic zircon was done used Sensitive High Resolution Ion Microprobe (SHRIMP) at Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Beijing, China.
  • Analyses confirmed presence of 2 zircon grains that were 4,240 million & 4,030 million years old. Oldest zircon older than this discovery was found in Jack Hill, Western Australia. It is 4,400 million years old & is oldest known rock sample. It is metamorphosed sedimentary rock.


  • Rock sample was recovered nearly 8 years ago & has put India at forefront of geological research in world. This discovery of great promise to study earth՚s early years. It will add valuable information about presence of water in 1st few hundred million years of Earth՚s history.

UNESCO Global Geopark Network status

Geological Survey chooses heritage locations in Maharashtra & Karnataka for UNESCO site status.

Heritage locations

  • Lonar Lake - An ancient circular lake created by a meteorite strike in Maharashtra
  • St. Mary՚s Island & Malpe beach - A hexagonal mosaic of basaltic rocks in island off Udupi

Criteria to become Geopark:

  • Dedicated website,
  • Corporate identity,
  • Comprehensive management plan,
  • Protection plans,
  • Finance
  • Partnerships for it to be accepted

Mansar Lake

  • Mansar lake near Jammu city is one of most famous adventure tourism destinations in India.
  • Mansrover, is called as Mansar.
  • Mansar lake is about 20 km from National Highway No. 1A.
  • Road to Mansar Lake starts from just near Samba on National Highway No. 1A.
  • Mansar is just 60 km away from Jammu. It is surrounded by forest-covered hills all over its length of over a mile.
  • Besides being a top picnic spot breathtaking scenery makes it ideal destination for boating more so because of efforts of J&K Govt. providing all necessary facilities.
  • Yearly Food & Crafts Festival organized here is one of major attractions. Thousands of people from nearby areas flock to this area to be a part of festival.
  • Devotees perform Mundan (first haircut) ceremony of their male babies. There are some ancient temples on lakeside, making this a holy site as well that shares legend & sanctity of Mansarovar Lake.
  • History of Mansar dates back to time of Mahabhartata.

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