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UN Global Counter Terrorism Coordination Compact

To deal w/rising problem of Terrorism, UN chief along w/39 organizational entities, Interpol & World custom organization signed a framework to deal w/terrorism & promote peace & sustainable growth.

Agreement is non-binding in nature.

UN Global counter terrorism coordination compact is termed as Global compact.

Objectives of the agreement

  • To bring UN agencies together to combat terrorism with common approach & find ways to improve strategies to support member states.

  • To protect people from violent extremist groups & hate speeches.

  • To adopt strategies that do not compromise international human rights standards & rule of law.

  • To monitor use of technology which is main source of reaching people globally & manipulate them.

  • To devise policies that will protect communities & their religious belief.

  • Global terrorism index released by Institute for Economic & Peace

Need of Framework

  • Global terrorism index released by Institute for Economic & Peace showed that there is a decrease in deaths due to terrorism, but impacts of terrorism are still spreading all over world.

  • Goal of Counter terrorism Implementation task force was to organize working groups & project related to counter terrorism.

  • On 23rd Feb. , 2018, a new agreement was signed to create more integrated working approach b/w agencies & coordinate them for counter terrorism & prevention of violent extremism.

  • UN Global counter terrorism coordination compact replaced counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force

International Human Rights Day observed on December 10

  • Observed every year on 10th December, to commemorate adaptation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • On this day in 1948, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) ratified Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

  • UNGA Headquarter - Paris

  • Of 58 member states, 48 voted in favour of resolution, while 8 abstained & 2 failed to vote.

  • Observance of day seeks to encourage, support & amplify measures to be taken by everyone to defend human rights.

  • Theme for this year is ‘Stand Up For Human Rights’.


  • On this day in 1948, UNGA had adopted & proclaimed Universal Declaration of Human Rights at Palais de Chaillot in Paris.

  • It recognizes inherent dignity & equal & inalienable rights of mankind as foundation of justice, freedom & peace in world.

  • Human Rights Day was formally established at 317th Plenary Meeting of UNGA on 4th Dec. , 1950.

Highlights: Global Nutrition Report, 2018

About Global Nutrition Report

  • Report came into existence following 1st Nutrition for Growth Initiative Summit (N4G) in 2013.

  • Report was devised as a mechanism for tracking commitments made by 100 stakeholders spanning govt. , aid donors, civil society, UN & businesses.

  • Report is world’s leading report on state of global nutrition. Report is delivered by Independent Expert Group & guided at a strategic level by a Stakeholder Group, whose members review Report.

2018 Report: Indian Profile

  • India has highest number of ‘stunted’ children in world & nearly 3rd of all stunted children worldwide are to be found in India.

  • Abt. 46.6 million children in India suffer from stunting due to poor nutrition intake in long term & repeated infections.

  • India is country w/highest number of children who are ‘wasted’. This is even more severe indicator of acute malnutrition.

  • India has 25.5 million children who are wasted. Among the 50.5 million children who are wasted globally, India has half of the global wasting burden.

2018 Report: Indian Profile

  • Stunting in India varied greatly from dist. to dist. (12.4 % to 65.1%). 239 of 604 dist. had stunting levels above 40%.

  • As of 2015, % of children Under 5 (both boys & girls) who were stunted was 37.9% & % of children Under 5 who were wasted was 20.8%.

  • Households w/lowest incomes had highest number of wasting (23.8%) & stunting (50.7%) among children aged under 5 years.

  • 7 % of children under 5 years of age were stunted in rural India while 30.6 % of children were stunted in urban India, while 21.1 % children aged under 5 were wasted in rural areas & 19.9 % were wasted in urban areas.

  • Report shows nutrition status of children & adolescents aged b/w 5 & 19 years. 58.1 % of boys were underweight while 50.1 % girls were underweight. Difference b/w genders is attributed to India’s adverse sex ratio in 1st place.

  • More than half of all women of reproductive age (51.4%), whether or not they were pregnant, suffered from anaemia.

  • International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) had used district-level aggregate data from 2015 - 2016 National & Family Health Survey (NFHS) in India w/data from UNICEF/WHO/World Bank Group: Joint child malnutrition estimates, NCD Risk Factor Collaboration, WHO Global Health Observatory.

2018 Report: Global Profile

  • Stunting among children aged under 5 has fallen from 32.6 % in 2000 to 22.2 % in 2017

  • 20 million babies are born w/low birth weight each year.

  • 3 million Children in world over are overweight, while 38.9 % of adults are overweight or obese.

  • 1/3rd of all women of reproductive age have anaemia.

  • Women have a higher prevalence of obesity than men.

India and ADB sign Loan Agreement of $60 million for Assam

  • Agreement is for financing project for renovation, protection & community-based flood risk mgmt. activities along Brahmaputra river in Assam.

  • Objective - To enhance reliability & effectiveness of flood & river bank erosion risk mgmt. systems in Assam.

  • Duration of loan is 20 years w/grace period of 5 years.

  • Interest rates are determined by ADB based on London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) & commitment charge of 0.15 % per year.

Key Facts

  • In 2010, ADB had approved Tranch 2 Loan of $120 million for Assam Integrated Flood & River Bank Erosion Risk Mgmt. Investment Program.

  • Project 2 of program will help to fund structural & non-structural measures in 3 sub Project areas – Palasbari Gumi, Kaziranga & Dibrugarh along Brahmaputra river which covers 20 km of riverbank protection work & flood embankments upto 13 km.

  • Executing & implementing agencies for this project are Flood & River Erosion Mgmt. Agency of Assam & Assam State Disaster Mgmt. Authority. Project will create & strengthen disaster mgmt. system & knowledge base for flood forecasting.

Partners Forum 2018

  • 2 day international conference will be hosted by GoI in association w/Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & child Health (PMNCH).

  • Total 1500 participants from across 8 countries will participate to talk about improvement in health & well being of women, children & adolescents.

Key Facts

  • Objective: Survive – Thrive – Transform.

  • Aimed to explore findings of 12 success factors case studies which shows how countries are working towards improvement of women’s & children health.

  • Forum will showcase learnings from 6 regions on 6 thematic areas:

  • Early childhood Development – Germany & Chile

  • Adolescent Health & Wellbeing – USA & Indonesia

  • Quality, Equity & Dignity in services – India & Cambodia

  • Sexual & Reproductive Health – Malawi & Malaysia

  • Empowerment of women, Girls & communities – South Africa & Guatemala

  • Humanitarian & fragile settings – Sierra Leone & Afghanistan


Global health partnership, Partners’ Forum was launched in September 2005 to reduce child & maternal mortality & improve adolescent, child, newborn & maternal health

PMNCH’s mission

Mission supports global health community to work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Goal 3 of SDG is to achieve good health & well-being for people.

18thmeeting of IRIGC-MTC held in New Delhi

Important Highlights of the 18th Meeting of IRIGC-MTC:

  • In meeting, a wide range of issues were discussed regarding defence equipment, industry & technological cooperation b/w India & Russia.

  • Issues related to after sales support & upgradation of military equipment of Russian origin were discussed.

  • Discussions took place on joint manufacturing projects in meeting, including Kamov-226T helicopters, naval frigates & other projects related to land systems.

  • There was agreement from both sides to take forward inter-governmental arrangements to facilitate joint manufacturing of spares for equipments of Russian origin in India, under ‘Make in India’ scheme.

  • Existing IRIGC-MTC will be restructured to IRIGC on Military & Military Technical Cooperation. Agreement regarding this was signed by 2 Defence Ministers.


  • India-Russia Inter-Governmental Commission on Military Technical Cooperation (IRIGC-MTC) was set up in 2000.

  • 1st meeting of IRIGC-MTC was held in Moscow in 2001.

  • 19th IRIGC meeting is proposed to be held in Russia next year.

International Migrants Day 2018 observed on 18th December

  • Observed on 18th Dec. , 2018 across world.

  • In accordance w/Resolution 55/93 of UN General Assembly (UNGA), International Migrants Day is observed every year on 18 December. Resolution 55/93 was adopted by UN on 4th Dec. , 2000.

  • Resolution 45/158 which is a resolution on ‘International Convention on Protection of Rights of All Migrant Workers & Members of their Families’ was adopted by UNGA on 18thDec. , 1990.

  • On this day many intergovernmental & non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in diff. countries disseminate information on human rights & fundamental political freedoms of migrants among people.

  • Design of actions for protection of migrants & experiences of migrants are shared w/public. Making voice of migrants heard is main motive of celebrating this day.

  • Theme - “Migration with Dignity”. Reason for choosing this theme is that around 3,400 migrants & refugees died worldwide in 2018.

  • UN Secretary-General António Guterres stated that Migration is a powerful driver of economic growth, that allows people to seek new opportunities. Migration benefits both communities at origin & destination.

Indian Firm Takes Over Operations of Strategic Iranian Port Chabahar

India Ports Global Limited Company has opened its office & took over operations at Shaheed Behesti port at Chabahar. It happened during occasion of 1st meeting of follow-up committee for implementation of trilateral Chabahar agreement b/w India, Afghanistan & Iran.

Outcomes of the Trilateral Meet:

Note of Ministry of external affairs on meet says that Positive & constructive discussions were held b/w 3 sides on full operationalisation of Trilateral Transit Agreement for international transit & transport thru Chabahar Port.

Imp. outcomes of meet are:

  • There was consensus on routes for trade & transit corridors b/w 3 countries.

  • It was agreed to finalise protocol to harmonise transit, roads, customs & consular matters at earliest.

  • It was agreed to allow cargo movement at Chabahar using Transports Internationaux Routiers Convention provisions.

  • Holding event to promote & popularise potential of Chabahar on 26th Feb. , 2019.

  • Constituting study to determine measures to make route attractive, decrease logistic costs & pave way for smooth operationalisation of Chabahar Agreement.

  • Chabahar port in Sistan-Balochistan province of Iran’s southern coast is easily accessible from India’s western coast & is increasingly seen as a counter to Pakistan’s Gwadar Port, which is being developed w/Chinese investment & is located at distance of around 80 km from Chabahar.

  • Chabahar Port has potential to be a gateway for golden opportunities for trade by India, Iran & Afghanistan w/central Asian countries besides ramping up trade among 3 countries since Pakistan denies transit access to India.

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