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Expected Questions on Governance and Polity 2019 Set 1 (UPSC CSE/SSC/IBPS)

Dr. Manishika Jain discusses Expected Questions on Internal Security 2019 for IAS/SSC/Bank PO/NDA/CDS

Andhra Pradesh, Telangana to have separate High Courts

Separate High Courts will start functioning for states of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh from 1st January 2019. High Court for Telangana is 25th High Court in country.

Telangana was carved out of Andra Pradesh in 2014 & 2 states continued to have a common high court in Hyderabad.

Separate High Courts

  • High Court for Telangana will function from current High Court building in Hyderabad.
  • High Court for Andhra Pradesh will start functioning from a temporary building at Amaravati until it gets a permanent structure.
  • 16 judges are allocated to Andhra Pradesh High Court & 10 are allocated to Telangana High Court.
  • Justice TBN Radhakrishnan will be sworn-in as Chief Justice of Telangana High Court.
  • Govt. of Andhra Pradesh is constructing a complex known as Justice City in Amaravati where High Court, subordinate courts & some tribunals would be accommodated.

Centre amends Citizenship Rules, 2009

Union Home Ministry has notified amendments to Citizenship Rules, 2009.


  • Citizenship Rules to include a separate column in citizenship form for applicants belonging to 6 minority communities from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh.
  • Separate entry in form will ask applicant: “Do you belong to one of minority communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh & Pakistan — Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Sikhs & Christians? “
  • Centre has made changes under Section 18 of Citizenship Act, 1955.
  • Parliamentary committee is examining Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2016, that proposes citizenship to above 6 persecuted minorities from Pakistan, Afghanistan & Bangladesh, who came to India before 2014.
  • Above proposed provision has run into strong resistance in BJP-ruled Assam because it will pave way for giving citizenship mostly to illegal Hindu migrants from Bangladesh in Assam, who came after March 1971, in violation of 1985 Assam Accord.

Extended Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (EGSA)

Launched on 14th April, Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (GSA) aims to improve socio-economic conditions of villages.

GSA aims to provide poor households w/electricity, insurance, LPG connections & other such facilities.

Centre’s model-village scheme will now include 12 welfare flagship programmes & is extended to more villages.

Phase I – Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (GSA)

  • 1st phase, b/w April & May, comprised 7 schemes — LPG connection, free LED bulbs & electricity, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana, accident & life insurances & Mission Indradhanush, a vaccination programme.

Phase II – EGSA

  • 2nd phase added 5 new initiatives – which will concentrate on improving schools, health services & nutrition & launching agricultural projects & skill development programme.
  • 2nd phase will cover 49,175 villages, up from 16,850 in 1st phase.

Govt. deployed 800 IAS officers for village outreach (to ensure delivery of Central welfare schemes via EGSA)

Ban of Oxytocin

Union Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has banned manufacture & sale of Oxytocin drug formulations for domestic use in pvt. sector to prevent its misuse from 1st July 2018.

Its import is banned. It has not allowed retail or wholesale chemists to stock this drug in their shops in any form or name. Jenceforth, Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd will manufacture drug & supply it directly to registered private & public hospitals.


  • Oxytocin, often called love hormone, is released naturally in human bonding activities such as childbirth, breastfeeding & sex.
  • It is uterine stimulant hormone, prescribed for initiation of uterine contractions & induction of labour in women & stimulation of contractions during labour.
  • It is used to help abort fetus in cases of incomplete abortion or miscarriage & control bleeding after childbirth. It may be used for breast engorgement.

FSSAI: The Eat Right Movement

FSSAI has launched national campaign ‘The Eat Right Movement’ to improve public health & combat lifestyle diseases. FSSAI also launched Eat Right tool kit and Safe and Nutritious Food at Workplace campaign.

The Eat Right Movement

  • It is voluntary & collaborative movement built on 2 broad pillars – “Eat Healthy & Eat Safe”. It is collective effort to encourage people towards making right food & dietary choices. It focuses on both sides- demand & supply side to come together.
  • On demand side it focuses on empowering citizens to make right food choices.
  • On supply side, it requests food businesses to reformulate their products, provide better nutritional information to consumers & make investments in healthy food as responsible food businesses.
  • FSSAI has asked industry to voluntarily reduce salt, sugar & saturated fat in packaged food products. Edible oil industry, bakeries, halwais & FMCG companies, including Nestle India, HUL & Patanjali have took pledge to reduce level of salt, sugar & fat in food products.

Operation Sagar Rani – find Formalin in fishes

Bihar’s heath dept. has imposed a blanket ban for 15 days on sale of fish from Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal in capital Patna after samples were found to be contaminated w/formalin.

Ban includes storage & transportation of fish from Andhra Pradesh & West Bengal.

Operation Sagar Rani:

  • Launched by Food Safety department last year.
  • It ensures safety of fish sold in market & ensures that it was handled hygienically at handling & distribution centres.
  • Toxic preservatives are being used by people/traders in Kerala who are importing fish from neighbouring States.
  • In June 2018, Kerala food safety department officials seized nearly 9,600 kg of fish preserved in formalin at a border check post in Kollam district.
  • Seized fish included 7,000 kg of prawns and 2,600 kg of other species. Seizure was part of ‘Operation Sagar Rani’ launched by state.

Fish laced with formalin

Fish is a highly perishable commodity. To increase its shelf life, sellers use chemicals such as formalin & ammonia.

Amendments to POCSO Act

Cabinet has approved amendments to Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012. Amendments are proposed by Ministry of Women & Child Development.

Amendments Proposed

  • POSCO is a gender-neutral law protects both boys & girls under 18. Amendments proposed are:
  • Provide for stringent punishment, including death penalty, for committing aggravated penetrative sexual assault crime on child, both boys & girls, below 18.
  • Amendments extend punishment for aggravated penetrative sexual assault from a min. of 10 years to a min. of 20 years, up to a max. of life imprisonment & even death penalty.
  • Amendments are proposed to protect children from sexual offences in times of natural calamities & disasters.
  • Amendment proposes to alter definition of sexual assault to include administering hormones to children expedite their sexual maturity for purpose of commercial sexual exploitation.

NALSA Scheme

Compensation Scheme for Women Victims/Survivors of Sexual Assault/Other Crimes-2018

Proposed by National Legal Services Authority, for compensating victims of sexual assault & acid attack.

SC said that scheme should be modified to “some extent” to make it applicable to child victims of such assaults.

About scheme:

  • As per NALSA’s scheme, victim of gangrape in any part of country would now get a min. compensation of Rs. 5 lakh & up to a max. of Rs. 10 lakh.
  • Similarly, in case of rape & unnatural sexual assault, victim would get min. of Rs. 4 lakh & max. of Rs. 7 lakh as compensation.
  • Scheme says that victim of acid attacks, in case of disfigurement of face, would get a min. compensation of Rs. 7 lakh, while upper limit would be Rs. 8 lakh.
  • In acid attack cases, if injury was more than 50%, a min. compensation of Rs. 5 lakh would be given, while max. would be Rs. 8 lakh.
  • Nirbhaya Fund was announced by Centre in 2013 after 16th Dec. , 2012 gangrape & murder case in Delhi to support the initiatives on women’s safety across country.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 29, 2019


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