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Zero Hunger Programme to be launched in October - Zero Hunger Programme through interventions in farm sector in India will be launched on occasion of World Food Day (October 16). Focus on agriculture, nutrition and health in a symbiotic manner.

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Expected Questions on Health & Defence 2018 (In English)

In this session we will cover Expected Questions on Health & Defence 2018

  • Programme will be initiated by:

    • Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)

    • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

    • MS Swaminathan Research Foundation and Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC).

  • Consists of organisations of farming system for nutrition, setting up genetic gardens for biofortified plants and initiation of ‘Zero Hunger’ training.


Pro Bono Legal Services

  • Ministry of Law and Justice introduced the pro bono legal services scheme.

  • Aim: To connect those in need of legal aid with lawyers through use of technology.

  • Web based platform through which the interested lawyers can register themselves to volunteer services for litigants who are unable to afford it.

  • Recently, Supreme Court released guidelines: Lawyer should have fought a certain number of cases pro bono (free of cost) in order to be designated as a senior lawyer.

  • Government wants same principle to be followed in the appointment of judges.

INS Kiltan

  • It is the indigenously built anti-submarine warfare stealth corvette.

  • Recently, inducted into the Indian Navy.

  • It is the latest indigenous warship after Shivalik Class, Kolkata Class and sister ships INS Kamorta and INS Kadmatt.

  • India’s first major warship to have a superstructure of carbon fibre composite material resulting in improved stealth features.

  • Ship derives its name from one of the islands in Aminidivi group of the Lakshadweep and Minicoy group of islands.

What are Defence Capital Acquisitions Schemes? What is Dhirendra Singh Committee

  • New Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) -2016 and lays the roadmap on how India, the world’s largest arms importer, will acquire defence equipment.

  • DPP 2016 replaces the Defence Procurement Procedure 2013 (DPP 2013).

  • Defence procurement policy was unveiled by the government:

    • to ensure transparency

    • fast track acquisition process

    • give a push to ‘Make in India’ initiative through Indigenous design, development and manufacturing of defence equipment, platforms & systems.

Summary of Achievements in Defence Sector Based on Report by Defence Ministry

  • India has the 3rd largest military in the world and is the 6th biggest defence spender.

  • India is largest importers of conventional defence equipment and spends around 30 % of its total defense budget on capital acquisitions.

  • Initiatives for People in Defence:

    • One Rank One Pension (OROP)

    • Army Battle Casualties Welfare Fund

    • Composites Sonar Drone

Vinay Sheel Oberoi Committee Constituted to Expedite Defence Capital Acquisition

  • Union Ministry of Defence (MoD) constituted 13-member Raksha Mantri Advisory Committee on Ministry of Defence Capital Projects (RMCOMP).

  • Committee headed by former secretary Vinay Sheel Oberoi.

  • Committee will monitor and expedite capital acquisition projects for modernization of armed forces and bolster armed forces preparedness.

  • The members of the panel include:

    • former chairman of Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. R K Tyagi

    • former member of Ordnance Factories Board R K Jain

    • partner head of KPMG’s aerospace and defence division Amber Dubey

    • special advisor of Ernst & Young LLP R Anand

Recommendations of Shekatkar Committee

  • Committee of Experts (CoE) constituted by Ministry of Defence under the chairmanship of Lt Gen (Retd. ) DB Shekatkar.

  • He recommends measures to increase combat capability and rebalance defence expenditure of the armed forces.

  • Committee submitted its report in December 2016 with around 99 recommendations.

What is Seema Bhawani? BSF’S Women Bikers Make History on Republic Day-2018

  • An all-woman biker’s contingent - Women’s Motor Cycle team ‘Seema Bhawani’ of Border Security Force (BSF) made its debut on Rajpath.

  • Women’s Motor Cycle team ‘Seema Bhawani’ of BSF was raised at Central School of Motor Transport, BSF Academy in Tekanpur on 20th October, 2016.

  • The women squad has been named ‘Seema Bhavani’ or the border braves.

  • Team was led by women sub-inspector Stanzin Noryang.

  • She is 28-year-old from the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Performed 16 varieties of stunts including bike stunts, at Rajpath.

Navika Sagar Parikrama INSV Tarini to Reach India in April

  • INSV Tarini entered Port Stanley (Falkland Islands) during its maiden voyage to circumnavigate the globe.

  • This is the first-ever Indian circumnavigation of the globe by an all-women crew.

  • INSV Tarini entered Port Stanley (Falkland Islands) on 22 January 2018.

  • The vessel covered three of the five legs of the voyage, with the:

    • first port halt at Fremantle (Australia) in October 2017

    • second at Lyttelton (New Zealand) in November 2017.

  • The vessel is likely to depart Port Stanley on 4 Feb 2018.

India Successfully Test-Fires Agni-5 Ballistic Missile

  • India successfully test-fires, nuclear capable, surface-to-surface, Agni-5 Ballistic Missile.

  • Agni-5 missile has higher reliability, longer shelf life, less maintenance and enhanced mobility.

  • Tested from of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Abdul Kalam Island, earlier known as Wheeler Island, off Odisha coast.

  • During the test-fire, the sophisticated missile travelled for 19 minutes and covered 4, 900 km.

Akash Successfully Tested with Indigenous Radio Frequency

  • India’s indigenous surface-to-air missile Akash successfully test fired with “made in India” radio frequency seeker from Chandipur in Odisha.

  • Akash system is primarily designed as an air defence SAM.

  • Provides missile defense capabilities and air defence for an area of 2, 000km².

  • Akash is a medium-range mobile surface-to-air missile defense system.

  • Developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

  • Jointly produced by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL) for Missile Systems and Bharat Electronics (BEL) for other radars, control centers in India.

Underground Tunnels at Borders

  • Construction of tunnels prioritized to provide all weather connectivity in the Border States.

  • Two main passes being developed are:

    • Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh

    • Theng in Sikkim

Benefits of these Passes:

  • Provide all weather connectivity.

  • It will help in the socio-economic development of these regions.

  • Reduce travel time.

What is Interceptor Missile? Indigenous Supersonic AAD Ashwin Interceptor Missile

  • Interceptor missile is capable of destroying any incoming ballistic missile in low altitude.

  • Supports advanced technology:

    • mobile launcher

    • secure data link for interception

    • independent tracking

    • homing capabilities and radars

  • Advanced Air Defense (AAD) is an anti-ballistic missile designed to intercept incoming ballistic missiles in the endo-atmosphere at an altitude of 30 km.

  • Single-stage, solid-fueled missile.

  • 7.5 m tall, weighs around 1.2 long tons and diameter less than 0.5 m.

INS Kalvari: First Scorpene-Class Submarine Inducted in Indian Navy

  • Scorpene-class submarine INS Kalvari commissioned into the Indian Navy.

  • It is first of the 6 Scorpene-class submarines built under the strategic Project 75 by Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL) with assistance and technology transfer from France’s DCNS.

  • INS Kalvari: First conventional submarine inducted into Indian Navy after more than 17 years.

  • INS Sindhushastra procured from Russia was last conventional diesel-electric submarine inducted in July 2000.

Indian Navy Commissions Water Jet Fast Attack Craft, INS TARASA and INS Kalavari

  • INS Tarasa (T94): A Water Jet Fast Attack Craft was commissioned into the Indian Navy.

  • India’s first ingenuously built INS Kalavari submarine was handed over to Indian Navy by state-owned Mazagon Dock Limited in Mumbai.

  • A Water Jet Fast Attack Craft was commissioned into the Indian Navy at the Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.

  • INS Kalavari: India’s First Indigenous Submarine Ingenuously built by state-owned Mazagon Dock Limited in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Does India Have ICMB? Hwasong-15 is North Korea’s Most Powerful ICBM

  • North Korea successfully launched Hwasong-15, a nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

  • India has a series of ballistic missiles called Agni.

  • An intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is a guided ballistic missile with a minimum range of 5, 500 kilometres.

  • Primarily designed for nuclear weapons delivery.

  • However conventional, chemical and biological weapons can also be delivered.

Indian Airforce Achieves Air to Air Refueling AAR on Transport Aircraft

  • An Indian Air Force Embraer transport aircraft specialised in conducting Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) function carried out Air to Air Refuelling (AAR).

  • AAR refueling allows an aircraft to fly a long duration flight beyond its endurance.

  • This is especially useful if the aircraft has to fly over enemy territories for reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

  • This is first time AAR has been carried out on the Embraer platform.

What is the Strategic? Importance of Andaman and Nicobar Islands? Defence of Andaman & Nicobar

  • Defence of Andaman and Nicobar Islands Exercise (DANX) was conducted under Andaman & Nicobar Command as a five-day exercise from 20 to 24 Nov 2017.

  • Main objective: To practice & validate procedures and drills of all the Command forces for defending Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

  • Main land support, fighters, Special Forces, naval ships and heavy lift transport aircraft participated in the exercise.

  • Joint planning and integrated approach was adopted for synergistic application of forces.

Exercise Indra-2017 Concluded in Vladivostok

  • Indo-Russian military Exercise: ‘Indra-2017’

  • Indra-2017 ended at Vladivostok after 11 days of joint training in counter-terrorism operations by India and Russia

Indigenously Developed Light Weight Glide Bomb, SAAW Successfully Tested

  • SAAW is a guided bomb released from the aircraft.

  • It can be guided through precision navigation system, reaching targets at greater than 70 km range, with high accuracies.

  • A glide bomb or standoff bomb is a standoff weapon with flight control surfaces to give it a flatter.

  • DRDO Glide Bomb deployed as a standardized medium range precision guided weapon.

  • Particularly developed for Indian Air Force to fill their recruitment of precision guided weapons.

What is a Cruise Missile? DRDO Conducts Successful Flight Trial of ‘NIRBHAY’

  • DRDO successful tested ‘NIRBHAY’ at Integrated Test Range (ITR), Chandipur, Odisha.

  • Cruise missiles can carry a conventional or a nuclear warhead.

  • Guided missile used against terrestrial targets.

  • It remains in the atmosphere and flies the major portion of its flight path at approximately constant speed.

  • Designed to deliver a large warhead over long distances with high precision.

Defence: Indigenous Development of Trawl System

  • Trawl System: Used in the minefield area for breaching of land mines and creating a vehicle safe lane.

  • Developed by R&DE (Engrs), a system-engineering laboratory under Armament & Combat Engineering (ACE) cluster of DRDO.

SAAB, Adani Group Announce Collaboration for Defence Manufacturing

  • Swedish defence company-SAAB and India’s Adani Group agreed to collaborate in defence manufacturing.

  • Partnership for design, development and production of single engine Gripen fighter jets under ‘Make in India’.

  • Compete with collaboration of US aircraft major Lockheed Martin and Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) planning to manufacture F-16 fighter aircrafts in India.

Malabar Naval Exercise (Important) and Quadrilateral Security Dialogue

  • Exercise Malabar is a trilateral naval exercise with US, Japan, and India in the Indian Ocean.

  • Japan became a permanent partner in 2015.

  • Australia and Singapore were partners.

  • It began in 1992 including activities reaching from fighter combat operations from aircraft carriers to Maritime Interdiction.

Cold Start, Sundarji Doctrine - Military Doctrines

  • Cold Start military doctrine developed Indian Army for possible war with Pakistan.

  • Aims: To efficiently involve all sub-parts of Indian military for offensive operations.

  • Cold Start doctrine allows conventional forces in order to prevent a nuclear retaliation from Pakistan.

Strategic Partnership Policy: Big Picture of Privatization of Defense

  • Kalyani Rafael Advanced Systems (KRAS) plant inaugurated near Hyderabad.

  • It is India’s first private sector missile sub-systems manufacturing facility.

  • Established under ‘Make in India’ initiative with new policy to encourage private participation in defense production.

  • 51: 49 joint ventures between India’s Kalyani Group and Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

  • Promotes government policy for indigenization of defence equipment and weapons.

List of India’s Defence Exercises- Surya Kiran (Indo-Nepal) and SLINEX 2017

  • 12th edition of India-Nepal joint military exercise- Surya Kiran XII was held at Nepal Army Battle School (NABS) in Saljhandi, Nepal.

  • 7th edition of India-Sri Lanka joint naval exercises SLINEX 2017 were held near Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) in Bay of Bengal.

  • SLINEX 2017 focused on fleet work, seamanship, communication, replenishment at sea as well as helicopter operations.

  • List of India’s Defence Exercises- Surya Kiran (Indo-Nepal) and SLINEX 2017 (Important)

  • Surya Kiran is largest joint exercise in terms of troop participation undertaken by India.

List of Military and Defense Agreements: Summary

  • A list of military or defence related agreements signed with other nations for the last three years (i. e. from 1st August 2014) is placed as under.

  • Defence Budget 2007 - 2016 (figure in INR core) includes Capital Expenditure, Revenue, Expenditure, Total Expenditure.

List of Military and Defense Agreements: SummaryList of Military and Defense Agreements: Summary

India Had 3rd Highest Terror Attacks in 2016: US

According to the Country Report on Terrorism released by the US State Department,

  • India witnessed 3rd highest number of terrorist attacks in 2016, more than Pakistan.

  • Several countries routinely experience terrorist attacks.

  • Top six countries are:

    • Iraq (2, 965 terrorist attacks)

    • Afghanistan (1, 340)

    • India (927)

    • Pakistan (734)

    • Philippines (482)

    • Nigeria (466)

Navy’s Second LCU Mark IV L52 Ship Launched by GRSE

  • LCU Mark-IV vessels are designed for multipurpose amphibious operations by Indian Navy and Army for security of Andaman and Lakshadweep.

  • LCU L52 ship second of eight Mark IV LCU vessels built by GRSE.

  • LCU L52 ship has 90 % indigenous content

  • Endurance of around 1, 500 nautical miles at 12 knots

  • Fitted with 2 x CRN-91 indigenous 30mm Guns.

  • Capable of carrying two tanks or four special vehicles

  • Can carry 160 troops for landing at remote beachheads

MRSAM Defense System, Muntra and Mark IV L52 Ship

  • DRDO developed Muntra, India’s first unmanned, remotely operated tank at its Chennai lab.

  • Indian Army signed MoU with DRDO for:

    • Regiment of the advanced Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles (MRSAM) defense system Navy’s.

    • Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Mark IV L52 ship built by Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Limited (GRSE), Kolkata launched in Kolkata.

  • Launched in three variants:

    • Muntra-S for surveillance

    • Muntra-M for mine detection

    • Muntra-N for reconnaissance in areas with nuclear and biological threats.

Women in Defense Forces

  • Since 1992, when the Army allowed women numbers increased in 22 years.

  • Their strength has grown from 50 to 1300.

Strategic Partnership Pact with 3 Ukrainian State Firms Has Been Signed by Reliance Defence

  • A strategic partnership agreement with 3 Ukrainian state firms to collaborate on a range of military products.

  • It has been signed by Reliance Infra-led Reliance Defence Ltd and these three Ukrainian state-owned firms are:

    • Ukroboronprom

    • Spetstechno Exports

    • Antonov

Vijay Prahar Exercise of Indian Army Concludes in Suratgarh, Rajasthan

  • Indian Army’s month long Vijay Prahar exercise concluded in Suratgarh, Rajasthan.

  • Conducted by South Western Command of Indian Army.

  • Aimed: To orchestrate wide spectrum of threats including Nuclear, Chemical or Biological (NCB) attack.

  • Planned to be tackled through high tempo joint air and land operation.

  • Above 20, 000 troops participated with fighting equipment for couple of weeks to fine-tune joint man ship with Indian Air Force.

India Emerges as Fifth Largest Military Spender in 2017: SIPRI

According to recently released report of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI),

  • India emerged as fifth largest military spender in 2017.

  • India spent $63.9 billion on defence in 2017, an increase of 5.5 % compared with 2016, when it was in the sixth spot overall.

Global defence spending:

  • The world’s five biggest military spenders in 2017 are United States ( $610 billion), China ( $228 billion), Saudi Arabia (69.4 billion), Russia (66.3 billion) and India ( $63.9 billion).

India’s defence spending:

  • It was higher than that of France ( $57.8 billion), UK ( $47.2 billion) and Germany ( $44.3 billion) in 2017.

India and France Conduct Final Phase of Varuna Naval Exercise Near Reunion Island

  • Indian and French navies conducted final and 3rd phase of Varuna naval exercise 2018.

  • Concluded near Reunion Island in Indian Ocean region (IOR) to increase their operational coordination.

  • 2018 Varuna naval exercise between Indian and French Navy was conducted in 3 phases.

  • It included:

    • anti-submarine

    • air defence

    • asymmetric engagement exercises

  • Both navies simulated different possible scenarios such as asymmetric warfare and tested their air defence capabilities.

Harimau Shakti 2018: India and Malaysia Joint Military Exercise Begins

  • The first ever bilateral joint military training exercise HARIMAU SHAKTI 2018 between India and Malaysia.

  • This is for first time joint training exercise of this magnitude between Indian and Malaysia.

  • It’s began in dense forests of Sengai Perdik, Hulu Langat, Malaysia.

  • Aims: At bolstering cooperation and coordination between armed forces of both actions.

  • Share expertise of both contingents in conduct of counter insurgency operations in jungle terrain.

Peace Mission: India, Pakistan for First Time to Participate Together in SCO Counter-terror Exercise

  • For first time, arch rivals India and Pakistan are taking part in Peace Mission.

  • A multi-nation counter-terror exercise in Russia to be held in September 2018.

  • It is going to take place under the framework of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

  • India’s participation confirmed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman during meeting of SCO Defence Ministers.

  • Peace Mission counter-terror military exercise will be held in Ural mountains of Russia and almost all SCO member countries are taking part in it.

LCA Tejas Successful Test Fires Derby Air-to-air Beyond Visual Range Missile

  • Developed light combat aircraft (LCA) Tejas successfully fired Derby air-to-air beyond visual range missile (BVRM) off the Goa coast.

  • Successful test demonstrated its overall capability as effective supersonic combat jet.

  • Also, expands firing envelope as well demonstrated safe operation of Tejas.

  • Derby is short to medium range BVR Air-to-Air missile.

  • It is a dual-use missile (air-to-air and surface-to-air).

DAC Approves Acquisition of NAG Missile System for Army and Long Range Guns for Navy

  • Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) cleared capital acquisition proposals of DRDO’s NAG missile system (NAMIS) for Indian Army and 127 mm calibre guns for Indian Navy.

  • Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) chaired by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

  • DAC is Defence Ministry’s highest decision-making body on procurement.

  • NAMIS: It will be procured for Indian Army at cost of Rs. 524 crore.

  • It has been indigenously developed by DRDO.

Bhabha Kavach: BARC Develops Cheaper, Lightweight Bulletproof Jackets

  • Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) developed Bhabha Kavach.

  • A next-generation bulletproof jacket that is cheaper, lightweight.

  • It has been named after Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, father of Indian nuclear programme.

  • Developed at BARC’s Trombay centre in Mumbai in response to request from Ministry of Home Affairs and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF).

  • Currently tested by joint team of CRPF, Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF).

  • BARC is India’s premier nuclear research facility based in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

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Expected Questions on Health & Defence 2018 (In Hindi)

In this session we will cover Expected Questions on Health & Defence 2018

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