Extraordinary Virtual G20 Leaders’ Summit and Online Data Pool of Critical Human Resource (Download PDF)

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Extraordinary Virtual G20 Leaders՚ Summit

  • Convened to discuss the challenges posed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • To forge a global coordinated response.
  • A culmination of the Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting and G20 Sherpas Meeting on the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • G20 leaders further supported strengthening of the who՚s mandate in the fight against pandemics, including delivery of medical supplies, diagnostic tools, treatments, medicines and vaccines.
  • To minimize the economic and social cost of the pandemic.
  • To restore global growth, market stability and strengthening resilience.
  • G20 countries committed to inject over USD 5 trillion into the global economy.
  • Leaders also agreed to contribute to the WHO led COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund on a voluntary basis.
  • According to the Indian Prime Minister 90 % of the COVID-19 cases and 88 % of deaths were in G20 countries even as they share 80 % of world GDP and 60 % of world population.

Online Data Pool of Critical Human Resource for Combating and Containing COVID-19

  • The Union Government has created an online data pool on https: ⁄ ⁄ covidwarriors. gov. in of doctors including:
    • AYUSH doctors
    • Nurses
    • Other health care professionals
    • Volunteers from NYKs, NCC, NSS, PMGKVY, ex Servicemen etc.
    • For use by the ground level administration at state, district or municipal levels
  • Information uploaded on a dashboard is getting regularly updated.
  • The dashboard is available for use by various authorities to prepare Crisis Management/Contingency Plans.
  • Based on the availability of manpower, in coordination with nodal officers for each group.
  • This database can also be used to utilise the services of volunteers for enforcing social distancing at:
    • Banks
    • ration shops
    • Mandis
    • Providing help to elderly, divyang and orphanages.
  • This is expected to help States/UTs to move human resources from one location to the other for their utilization.
Online Data Pool of Critical Human Resource

- Published/Last Modified on: August 20, 2020

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