FM Global released Global Resilience Index 2015 Report


FM Global released Global Resilience Index 2015, according to this report the Index offers powerful insights to help business executives target their investments towards more reliable returns and to protect their customers from future prospective.

Norway topped the list in terms of business resilience among 130 countries and regions. The Index used nine core drivers that are categorized into three factors namely Economic Productivity, Risk Quality, and Supply Chain to assess business resilience of the countries or regions surveyed.

The top ten countries in the Index are-

  • Norway (first position)
  • Switzerland (2nd position)
  • Netherlands (3rd position)
  • Ireland (4)
  • Luxembourg (5)
  • Germany (6)
  • Qatar (7)
  • Canada (8)
  • Finland (9)
  • the United States region (10)

The bottom five countries in the Index are

  • Dominican Republic (126)
  • Nicaragua (127)
  • Mauritania (128)
  • Kyrgyz Republic (129)
  • Venezuela (130)

India’s position in the Index has been placed at the 119th position in the 2015 Index compared to 112th rank it secured in the 2014 Index and also India is ranked at the 115th position in the Economic Productivity category.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 6, 2015