Fast Track Court for Rape Cases (Download PDF)

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Government of India has asked to setup 1023 Fast track courts in the country. Their main function is to trail dispose of rape cases and cases under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. The total estimated cost to set up FTCs is about Rs. 767.25 crore. It has been proposed to set up 218 FTSCs in the State of Uttar Pradesh. UP will have the maximum number of FTCs as of now.

Best Fast Track Courts

Best Fast Track Courts

Best Fast Track Courts

Allocation for fast-track courts

Allocation for Fast-Track Courts

Allocation for fast-track courts

Fast Track Courts

  • Their main function is to dispose of the case within 1 year.

  • The total number of cases registered for rape are around 1,66,882.

  • And 1,60,989 cases registered under POSCO Act.

  • The Government has planned to set up new fast track courts in the country for its speedy jurisdiction and disposal.

  • Out of the 389 districts in the country, the cases that comes under POSCO Act exceeded 100.

  • Government has directed states to set up FTCs in their states for speedy disposal of the cases.

  • So far 218 such courts has been set up in UP.

  • The government also aims to bring this matter to propose FTCs in the 15th Finance Commission (2020 - 25).

- Published/Last Modified on: March 2, 2020

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