Field Beans (DTE 1 - 15 July 2019)

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Field Beans

  • Field beans can be a nutritious addition to legumes.
  • Brown seeds of a legume called kadve Val and one with the cream coloured split seeds called dal val.
  • The bean is more popular in Karnataka than in Maharashtra and is called avarekalu. Karnataka cultivates about 90 % of the country՚s bean.
  • Quite popular in the Konkan region as is used in dishes by the Bene Israeli Community and Konkani Muslims.
  • Kadve Val is the seed of Dolichos lablab.
    • Has a distinct texture and smell.
  • Dal Val is the split form of the same legume.
  • Konkani Muslims use these seeds to prepare a curry known as hiddi.
The Bean Stock
  • A multipurpose crop grown across:
    • Karnataka
    • Tamil Nadu
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • Maharashtra
  • Versatile recipes:
    • Avarekai dosa
    • Avarekai vada
    • Avarekai honey jalebi
    • Avarekai idli
    • Avarekai kodubale (a savoury snack)


  • Young leaves can be used raw in salads.
  • Older leaves can be cooked like spinach.
  • All the parts of the Dolichos plant can be consumed. Dolichos is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae, and the subfamily Faboideae. It is distributed in Africa and Asia
  • Flowers are eaten raw or steamed.
  • Presence of cyanogenic glucose can cause vomiting and convulsions and therefore the dried seeds need to be boiled or soaked in water for two hours.
  • As many different genus are clubbed under the common name filed beans it is now called Dolichos beans to end any confusion.

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