First Children’S Court of South India Region Inaugurated in Hyderabad


South India regions first Children Court was launched at the Nampally Criminal Courts Complex in Hyderabad, Telangana for quick disposal of causes related to children.After Goa and Delhi, Telangana becomes third state to have a child friendly court and over all 6th child-friendly court in the country.

  • Along with this POCSO stipulates child-friendly courts rooms will also be established in all states, currently only Delhi and Goa has such courts.

Key Facts

  • Justice and Care NGO have helped in the Nampally children court project along with the state government and the judiciary.
  • features of children court:

  • separate waiting rooms for children
  • video camera trial for accused
  • child-friendly environment
  • complete with toys
  • bean bags and colourful furniture
  • The judge and the police personnel will be in plain clothes
  • The child will not be permissible to come face to face with the supposed offenders to assure they will not intimidate during the court proceedings are on.
  • Thus, providing a non-threatening atmosphere, the DGP said.
  • The court will be mandated under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO) Act, 2012.

About Justice and Care NGO

  • Justice and Care NGO is work for decries and supports victims of trafficking, slavery and other abuses with the collaboration of governments and law enforcement agencies, focusing on prevention, protection and prosecution.
  • Its offices are located across India and also in the UK and the Netherlands.
  • Up to now they have trained 14,140 police officers, public prosecutors and community leaders on the protection of vulnerable persons and victims of trafficking.

- Published/Last Modified on: August 30, 2016