First Counter-Terrorism law has been passed by China


The top organ of China’s parliament has adopted the country’s first counter-terrorism law by China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee. After a week-long bimonthly session China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee the legislation was approved with large majority at the end.

Key facts

  • It is the latest attempt of China to address terrorism at home and help maintain world security and expanded the definition of the term terrorism.
  • According to low it allows overarching powers to security agencies and also permits the military to venture overseas on counter-terror operations.
  • Regarding to the new law a separate clause makes terrorism a crime counting fabricating it and distributing information on fabricated terrorist events.
  • This low also allows news media to report on the personal details of on-scene workers, hostages or authorities’ response to terrorist activities and for that they require approval from counter-terrorism authorities.
  • To give sensitive data like encryption keys to the government when asked for under this law it will become compulsory for technology firms.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 29, 2015