First Real Time Digital Platform to Monitor Rice Fields Can Bolster Food Security (Download PDF)

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First Real Time Digital Platform to Monitor Rice Fields Can Bolster Food Security

  • The world may soon get its first real-time paddy-field monitoring platform.
  • It will give information on
    • The quantity of rice planted
    • The harvest achieved
  • Researchers from Sydney University are building the app.
  • It can help to meet the United Nations mandated Sustainable Development Goal No 2- ‘Zero Hunger’ .


  • The project has been undertaken in collaboration with
    • Google Earth
    • The Group on Earth Observations
  • The up to date and accurate information about how much rice has been planted and will be available on the app.
  • This is crucial to achieve global food and water security.
  • The project would use the Google Earth Engine for building the first real-time mobile app that will help to manage land use to ensure food security in the world՚s rice bowls.
  • It will benefit
    • Farmers
    • Agricultural scientists
    • Non-government organizations
    • Government planners
  • The real-time land use data will be generated using Google Earth.
  • It will be verified by field operators in
    • India
    • China
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Vietnam
  • This will allow the agricultural scientists to monitor and ensure their accuracy worldwide.
  • The above five countries are the largest rice-producing countries across the globe.
  • The mobile monitoring app jointly developed with the University Malaysia Terengganu- ‘Paddy Watch’ will allow farmers, scientists and agricultural economists to-
    • Determine the extent of arable land under rice cropping in near real time
    • Estimate potential yields
    • Manage water use and water security
    • Account for Greenhouse gas emissions
    • Develop policies for education, economic growth, gender equity and reducing social inequality

- Published/Last Modified on: December 19, 2020

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