First Robot Lawyer of World ‘ROSS’ Appointed by US Law


US law firm Baker Hostetler has appointed world’s first robot lawyer named ‘ROSS’. This is first of its kind artificial intelligence (AI) lawyer will assist the law firm and its various teams in legal research.

  • The robot was manufactured by the company ROSS Intelligence and its employed based on intellectual computing.
  • In 2014 the project had started out of research at the University of Toronto to figure an artificial intelligence legal research assistant to permit lawyers to increase and scale their abilities.
  • The ROSS in progress operative with first ten months after they initiated teaching it impoverishment law.

Key facts

  • The ‘ROSS’ robot is manufactured upon IBM’s cognitive computer Watson.
  • It will purpose using Watson’s reasoning figuring and natural language processing capabilities.
  • Lawyers can request ROSS their investigation question and which it will answer by understanding through the law, grouped indication, drawn inferences.
  • ROSS will also observer the law from place to place the clock to advice users of new court choices that can affect a case.
  • It is automatic to frequently learn from the lawyers who will in turn use it to transmit back better results each time.

What cognitive computer?

  • Intellectual computing is the recreation of human thought processes in an online model.
  • It contains self-learning systems that use design recognition, data mining and natural language processing to memorize the way the human brain works.
  • Without requiring human assistance the objective of reasoning computing is to create automatic IT systems that are accomplished of solving problems.
  • Reasoning computing systems usage machine learning procedures to repeatedly obtain knowledge for processing desired information from the data nourished into them by mining data.

- Published/Last Modified on: May 19, 2016