First S-300 Air Defence System Becomes Operational in Iran (Download PDF)

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S-300 air defence system became operational in Iran. The system was delivered by Russia following a July 2015 nuclear deal. Iran had been trying to acquire the system for years to ward off repeated threats by Israel to bomb its nuclear facilities, but Russia had held off delivery in line with UN sanctions imposed over the nuclear programme.


  • The S-300 air defence system has been tested … in the presence of government and military officials,
  • Iranian experts conducted a number of tests of the Russian missile systems.
  • The tests included all phases
Tests Included All Phases
  • The contract to deliver five Russian S-300 systems to Iran was signed in 2007.
  • The export modification of the S-300 system is able to
    • Shoot down ballistic missiles of short and medium range.
    • The range of the system is 200 kilometers;
    • Launch 12 missiles on 6 targets
    • Time interval of 3 - 5 seconds.
  • The S-300 is Russian long range surface-to-air missile systems that can defend against aircraft and cruise missiles and even intercept ballistic missiles.

About S-300 air defence system:

S-300 Air Defence System
Table Contain Shows About S-300 Air Defence System
Specification S- 300PM
Typelong-range SAM system
Range5 - 150 km
Altitude10 - 27,000 m
Speed of targets engagedUp to 1,800 m/sec (up to 2,800 with target designation)
Number of targets TrackedUp to 12
Number of targets engagedUp to 6
Deployment/redeploment time5 ⁄ 5 min.
Number of missiles in a complexUp to 48

Special Features:

Special Features

S - 300 missile Range

S - 300 Missile Range

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