First red alert on pollution stated in Beijing by China


Due to hazardous air quality caused by severe air pollution the Chinese government has issued its first red alert on pollution (smog) in its Capital Beijing. The level of warning was improved from the earlier second highest orange alert.

Image of Smog Laden Beijing

Image of Smog Laden Beijing

China Issues Red Alert for Beijing

  • According to air-pollution response system adopted in 2013 the red alert is the most serious warning on a four-tier system of emergency.

About Alert

  • Regarding this alert Government has recommended to close schools until good air filtration systems.
  • Many private cars in the capital city have also ordered to off the road during the period with an odd-even number plate system in force.
  • The other extra actions are also banned include halting outdoor construction, banning fireworks and outdoor cooking.
  • China is world’s biggest carbon emitter in current times and it is grappling with the serious chronic problem of the air pollution leading to smog in cities.
  • The main reason behind the pollution is the coal-fired power plants along with vehicle emissions, heating systems and construction and factory work.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 8, 2015