For Coal Based Thermal Power Plants Union Government notifies more strict standards


With the aim of minimizing pollution the Union Government has notified the revised standards for coal-based Thermal Power Plants in the country. According to this notices, Union Ministry of Environment, Forest & Climate Change (MoEFCC) has issued notification and proposed theses standard to be implemented in a phased manner.

Key facts

According to the recommendation of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) these new standards are based after consultations with different stakeholders.

Thermal power plants are categorized into 3 categories for implementation of revised standards

  • Installed before 31st December, 2003
  • Installed after 2003 and up to 31st December, 2016
  • Installed after 31st December, 2016

At decreasing emission of Sulphur dioxide (7.3 Kg/MWh), PM10 (0.98 kg/MWh) and Oxide of nitrogen (4.8 kg/MWh) the s aimed new standard.

  • It would try to help in carrying out an improvement in the Nation Ambient Air Quality (AAQ) index around and in thermal power plants.
  • Proposed emission limit of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) will control by the technology working and it will also help in reducing mercury emission at about 70 - 90%.
  • Water-intensive industry is a prevention of water as thermal power plant and it will limit the use of water in thermal power plant.
  • It will lead to a reduction in energy requirement for drawl of water.
  • For recently installed plants the standards have been made inflexible, compared to earlier ones and most inflexible standards will be for those plants to be set up in future.

- Published/Last Modified on: December 23, 2015