For the first time in India Telangana has made gender education compulsory at graduate level (Download PDF)

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By introduce compulsory gender education at the graduate level, Telangana has become the first State in India to introduce it. For this state government has introduced fluent textbook ‘Towards a World of Equals’ on a pilot basis in engineering colleges associated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU-Hyderabad).

Features of gender education textbook

  • It includes deliberates gender in its complex form without limiting itself to crime against women without repeating gender categorization.
  • It also includes complex subjects like male-female relationships and female-centric history.
  • Its level is structured as simple as possible which can easily understand by under-graduates.
  • It also contains discussion about different strands of women’s movements across the world along with political movements of Afro-American, African, Caribbean, minority and Dalit women.

About gender education:

  • It is a type of sex discrimination in the education system touching both men and women when they are studying or after their educational experiences.
  • Men are more likely to be well-educated on a global average, although women are more prevalent at higher education in some countries.
  • Though the gender education the problem of gender gap can be solve probably.
  • At graduate level students are able to understand this and after this they can take step to solve this problem.

- Published/Last Modified on: January 13, 2016

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