Foreign Direct Investment, Diplomacy in Covid Times (March 2021) (Download PDF)

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Foreign Direct Investment

  • Extensive revisions to existing land, labour, and insolvency laws.
  • Keys sectors like defence, electronics manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy.
  • Indian states have been at the forefront of this transformation, quick to adopt single window systems and digitization across all govt. departments.
  • Changes having a profound impact on the investor experience in India.

Goods and Services Tax

  • The Goods and Services Tax regime has brought overwhelming clarity to a tax system that was viewed as cumbersome and repelling.
  • There is also a land allocation system based on GIS-enabled tracking which collates all industrial land resources in the country on a single platform and allows investors to explore available land across the country providing them with all necessary details.

National Infrastructure Pipeline

  • Establishment of New Medical Colleges Construction Project.
  • Boosting New India՚s medical infrastructure.
  • USD 5.6 billion is the total project cost.
  • Bengaluru City Gas Distribution Project.
  • Augmenting Karnataka՚s gas pipeline network-USD 868.2 Mn is the total project cost.
  • Creates a fast-track institutional, regulatory and implementation framework.
  • For infrastructure projects and benchmarks performance as per global best practices and standards.
  • Public infrastructure projects are efficient, inclusive, and disaster-resilient to improve citizens՚ ease of living.
  • To provide equitable access to infrastructure and make economic growth more inclusive.
COVID-19 and the Use of Drones

Diplomacy in Covid Times

  • “Forward Track,” “Neighborhood First,” “Act East” and “Informal Diplomacy.”
  • India is the Geo-political nucleus of South Asia.
  • India has been praised worldwide for the recent vaccine diplomacy dispatching Covid-19 vaccines to the different parts of the world.
  • ‘Rafale’ from France gave a new direction to Indian Air Force.
  • The naval exercise ‘Varun’ concluded strengthened the establishing of Indian presence in Indo-Pacific region.
  • By carrying out a military exercise near Djibouti, the two countries are showing that they are quite serious about their strategic partnership in the Indian Ocean.
  • India՚s trade and energy security are closely connected with the security of Hormuz Water Treaty and Bab-el-Mandeb strait.
  • India has taken part in naval exercises with many gulf countries including Kuwait, Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Djibouti.
  • India already has a non-military nuclear pact with Russia.
  • India is trying to enter into NSG, MTCR, Australia group and Wassenaar Arrangement. These groups regulate traditional, nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons.

Indian Prime Minister՚s Address at the 12ThBRICs Summit

  • BRICS will play an important role in the significant geo-strategic changes happening all over the world that continue to impact the global stability, security, and growth.
  • With over 42 % of the world՚s population, BRICS economies will play a prime role in the post-COVID global recovery.
  • A self-reliant and resilient India can be a Force Multiplier for the post-COVID economy & contribute to global value chains.
  • Ample scope for scaling up mutual trade between BRICS countries.
  • The mutual institutions & stems can make contribution effective in the global recovery.
  • India believes that reforms are a must in the UN Security Council.
  • India expects support from BRICS partners.
  • India will work towards boosting BRICS collaboration in digital health and traditional medicine.
  • BRICS Counter-Terrorism Strategy has been finalized under the presidency of Russia and India and the task will be pursued further during its presidency.
  • Endeavour to enhance Intra-BRICS cooperation, Intra-BRICS solidarity & develop a solid institutional framework during the presidency in 2021.

- Published/Last Modified on: June 13, 2021


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