Founders Award Posthumously is Honored to Mother Teresa in UK (Download PDF)

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The United Kingdom’s prestigious Founders Award 2016 has been honored to Mother Teresa posthumously for their outstanding contribution to society. On behalf of Mother Teresa her niece Agi Bojazhiu has (niece) collected the award.

Image of Mother Teresa

Image of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa has been honored with the Founders Award posthumously in UK

Other category recipients:

  • Community Service award: Rami Ranger a leading NRI entrepreneur and philanthropist.
  • Business Leader of the Year award: Prakash Lohia a Chairman and co-founder of Indorama Corporation.
  • Outstanding achievement in Television: Kunal Nayyar an actor from the hit American comedy series The Big Bang Theory.
  • Outstanding Achievement in Cinema award: Asif Kapadia an Oscar and BAFT-winning documentary-maker.
  • Outstanding achievement in Sports award: Son Heung-Min a Tottenham Hotspurs football star of South Korea.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year award: Anil Agrawal a founder and Executive Chairman of the metal and mining company, Vedanta Resources Corporation.
  • Outstanding achievement in Science and Technology: Shuji Nakamura an inventor of the blue LED.
  • Social Entrepreneur of the year accolade: Vikram Patel the leading mental health researcher from India.

About Founders Award

  • Paul Sagoo, entrepreneur and founder of the Lemon group has founded this award in 2010.
  • This is honored to the persons within the global Asian community to recognize and reward their exemplary achievements.
  • The award is open for different classes such as:
  1. Business
  2. Philanthropy
  3. Entertainment
  4. Culture
  5. Sport

- Published/Last Modified on: April 11, 2016


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