Four Colour Classification Scheme Launched by the Moefcc for Industries Based on Pollution Index


A new Four-colour Classification Scheme for industries based on their pollution potential has been launched by the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC). The four-colour classification scheme of industrial sectors based on the Pollution Index (PI) and its function are:

  • Emissions (air pollutants)
  • Effluents (water pollutants)
  • Hazardous wastes generated
  • Consumption of resources

Key facts:

  • The PI of any industrial sector is a number alternating from 0 to 100 and increasing value of PI symbolizes the growing degree of pollution load from the industrial sector.
  • Based on the on ‘Range of Pollution Index‘, industrial sectors have been categorized into four colours category and they are:

Red category:

  • PI score of 60 and above.
  • These are severe polluting industries.
  • Total 60 industries including sugar, thermal power plants, paints and others are considered under this category.

Orange category:

  • PI score of 41 to 59.
  • They temperately polluting industries.
  • Total 83 industries like coal, washeries and automobile servicing are placed under this category.

Green category:

  • PI score of 21 to 40.
  • They are significantly low polluting industries.
  • Total 63 industries are placed under this category.

White category:

  • PI score below and up to 20.
  • They are non-polluting industries.
  • Total 30 industries are under in it.
  • These industries are released from requirement of environmental clearance.

- Published/Last Modified on: March 8, 2016