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As per the announcement from the House Speaker of the United States dated 25 September 2019, a formal impeachment inquiry is likely to take place against the present President of the United States. Prior to this the last three previous cases resulted in impeachment or in the resignation of the president.

Fourth President of the United States to face Impeachment

Fourth President of the United States to Face Impeachment

Fourth President of the United States to face Impeachment

Impeachment Overview

i) Initiation: The initiation of the impeachment can be introduced by a House Member or the entire House can vote to initiate an enquiry against the US President.

ii) Investigation: The House Judiciary panel can start investigation after being directed by the Speaker. There should be enough grounds for the impeachment.

iii) House Vote: The Voting consists of entire chamber. After being approved by the majority the process can be moved to the Senate.

iv) Trial: The president may appear as a person or through a council.

v) Senate Votes: In case the respondent is convicted of at least one article, the Senate may opt not to vote on all articles.

vi) Removal: The Vice-President will take office once the President is impeached. The House Speaker is the next to come in the line of succession.

Reasons for Impeachment

The fourth President of US may face impeachment due to a wide range of alleged misconduct.

i) Personally profiting from the presidency

ii) Violating campaign finance laws

iii) Inappropriately diverting funds to build a border wall

iv) Dangling pardons to induce lawbreaking

Past Cases of Impeachment

i) Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998.

ii) Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868.

iii) Richon Nixon resigned before the House of Representatives could vote on the matter.

- Published/Last Modified on: October 31, 2019

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