Freedom on Net Report (Download PDF)

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Freedom on Net report is published by the international NGO called Freedom House is dedicated to expansion of freedom and democratic rights of the people across the world. It ranks the countries depending upon the internet freedom enjoyed by the citizens. Nearly 65 countries across the world have been assigned a numerical score.

Internet freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa

Internet Freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa

Internet freedom in Sub-Saharan Africa

Report Overview

  • The freedom on net report measures the extent of internet freedom enjoyable by the citizens across the world.

  • Obstacles to access, limits on content violation of user rights are the indicators used to measure the internet freedom.

  • Based on the indicators, 65 countries across the world have been assigned a numerical score.

  • It ranges from 100 to 0, the score 100 indicates most freedom on internet and 0 indicate the least freedom on internet. The score from 70 - 100 is free to internet, if it is from 40 - 60 partially free, and 0 - 39 not free to internet.

  • The theme of the report of this year is the crisis of social media.

  • Top most performing country is Iceland and worst performing country is China.

  • India comes under the partly free category and it scored 41 points.

Freedom House

  • It is a US based Non-government Organisation which conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights.

  • It was established in October 1941 and is headquartered at Washington D. C, U. S.

  • It has approximately 150 staff members.

  • It has field offices in Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Jordan, Mexico along with countries in central Asia.

  • It is getting 86 % of the revenue from the US government as a fund.

- Published/Last Modified on: November 25, 2019

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