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Frontline Workers

  • India’s 10.5 million community workers are working day and night to make sure that India wins the battle against the coronavirus with minimal casualties and losses.

  • Community healthcare facilitators, sanitation workers and Panchayat representatives are also known as the first line of Defence during this pandemic situation.

  • The frontline workers include 5 million sanitation workers, 3.1 million representatives to Panchayat raj institutions, 217,780 auxiliary nurse midwife, a village level female health worker, 1.39 million anganwadi workers and 1.04 million accredited social health activists.

  • Three pillars of health and nutrition care in India:

    • ASHAS

    • ANMS

    • Anganwadi Workers

  • ASHA workers in Tamil Nadu guard the border and screen the suspected passengers thereby disinfecting the vehicles even before the country entered lockdown.

  • A self-help group in Dehradun has prepared 3,000 double layer and triple-layer masks. Also they are providing the masks and ration packets for the beneficiary.

  • Community health workers have a special role to play in regions with difficult terrain, poor roads and infrastructure.

Frontline Workers

Frontline Workers

Rand D’s role in a pandemic

Rand Ds role in a pandemic

Rand D’s role in a pandemic

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