Functions of National Authority and Creating Charter Cities (Download PDF)

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Functions of National Authority

Act as the “national focal point” for effective communication with organizations. Matters relating to the Convention. Fulfilling the obligations of the country. To issue directions and even close down facilities which violate the Convention.

  • Also collaborate with other countries to seek or give assistance and protection against the use of chemical weapons.
  • Regulation and monitoring the development, production, processing, consumption, transfer or use of toxic chemicals.

Central Government

  • Power to constitute a necessary Committee.
  • To overlook the functioning of the National Authority.

Creating Charter Cities

  • A charter city is a newly created city.
  • The first attempt to introduce “Charter Cities” in Madagascar in 2008.
  • The next attempt in the Honduras, also failed as the Supreme Court there in 2012.
  • Governed by a country other than the one within whose borders it exists.
  • By delegating some of the responsibilities of administration to a developed country the host country can host the “Charter City” in its territory.
  • The host country is required to enact a founding legislation or a charter.
  • Laying down the framework of rules that will operate in the new city.
  • Residents of the charter city would remain citizens of the home country.
  • Will be made as built-from-scratch city.
  • Distinct rules foster innovation and economic growth.
  • Creates better life for the citizens of an impoverished country.


  • A disguised version of neo-colonialism.
  • People won՚t be having rights to vote to decide how the city is run going against the basic principles of democracy and citizenship.
  • Volatile migration pattern.
  • With investments in new infrastructure charter cities could see their residents leaving.
  • Charter cities have to invest in the transport systems and infrastructure that could keep residents connected to bigger cities.

Case with India

  • Fundamentally unattractive for a country such as India.
  • Environmental conflicts as incase of Lavasa, a city near Pune which was developed by a private company.
  • Slow progress as incase of various investment regions housed within the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.
  • Reformulation of the initial idea of creating 100 new cities as “smart cities” as a programme for redeveloping merely a small portion of existing cities.

- Published/Last Modified on: April 26, 2020

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